Above  'LANDSCAPE VISION' - Buy the original or an available in print.  See the beautiful SCARF designs & Jewellery from this artwork on the -   SHOP page

Above  'LANDSCAPE VISION' - Buy the original or an available in print. 

See the beautiful SCARF designs & Jewellery from this artwork on the -   SHOP page

Michele Courage is a professional artist who now lives in Wellington, New Zealand. Her passion lies with art, specifically large art. Michele creates her large works in acrylic and liquid acrylics. Her work is closely connected to her spirituality and reflects her passionate nature, revealing an insight into her ability to absorb feelings, colours and moods and then transfer these onto the canvas with the viewer being drawn into a deeper vision which is usually very subjective. In other words, each painting will "speak' differently to the individual, evoking feelings from, very often deep within. Her paintings often feel as if they are vibrating with an energy which cannot be explained but rather felt on a deeply spiritual level.

She has created a range of products to support her art practice as well as giving workshops and Art Retreats.

Commissions are accepted. Prints are now available for some of her larger work.

Michele’s work hangs in private collections throughout the world from Cape Town to New York, Ireland, San Paulo, Canada, London, France and New Zealand.


WORKSHOPS with MIchele

Michele calls herself a "Creativity Facilitator". She experiments with new creative artistic ideas and then creates her workshops. She is then able to share her passion of creating with people. Michele has a wide variety of workshop events she is able to offer - "I want to share with people the wonderful 'space' created when you go about immersing yourself in a creative persuit." - michele

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To keep up to date with Michele's latest workshops, events and exhibitions sign up to her NEWSLETTER at Michele.courage@gmail.com or on facebook   

Michele's artworks are emotional channels to a greater insight into life and what life has to offer and experience. Within her paintings are small moments that can transport the viewer to a magical and calming place. There is an energy within Michele's paintings which simply put, can be uplifting.     

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"Upon closer inspection of Michele’s abstract work, it becomes evident that the viewer is pulled into the vast expanse of the two-dimensional picture plane only to step into a world of three-dimensional sensation. It is in her paintings, within the undefined borders of the abstract world that the sweeping lines created by motion of paint renders a visual expression of space, time and energy."  - Gallery Owner

I don’t paint for myself. I paint for you. I love connecting with my clients, understanding their needs and successfully transferring this onto the canvas.
— Michele Courage

Why commission an artist?

Every space is different and everyone's décor is different.  What works in one space may not work in another.  By sitting down with Michele she can talk you through the different options of what will work for your space in terms of colours, size of painting etc. You choose the style and colours that will resonate with you.

Passion for art

Art is a personal thing.  What one person loves, another may not.  Michele loves working with clients on a one on one basis.  By working with Michele to create your own special piece of art, you get the chance to be involved in the creative process.  This means the art reflects you as an individual, leading to a unique, one of a kind piece of art that also compliments your décor



To arrange a commission or view a painting contact Michele directly via email michele.courage@gmail.com or on +64 21 610 317