Large abstracts are my first love .........

Michele courage the artist

Michele courage the artist

I now live in a beautiful part of the world (Wellington, New Zealand) but I have also been fortunate enough to experience life in Africa (Africa definitely is in your blood). I grew up surrounded by art and artists (my mother Tina Dunn, is a wildlife/collage artist and my father, John Dunn was a ceramist and well known potter in South Africa). I am grateful for the inspiration nature and my surroundings give me. Nothing beats the colours of nature for inspiration - my new home New Zealand, is beautiful.

"Michele's artworks are emotional channels to a greater insight into life and what life has to offer and experience. Within her paintings are small moments that can transport the viewer to a magical and calming place. There is an energy within Michele's paintings which simply put, can be uplifting." - Gallery Owner      

"Upon closer inspection of Michele’s abstract work, it becomes evident that the viewer is pulled into the vast expanse of the two-dimensional picture plane only to step into a world of three-dimensional sensation. It is in her paintings, within the undefined borders of the abstract world that the sweeping lines created by motion of paint renders a visual expression of space, time and energy."  - Gallery Owner

I am a deeply spiritual person, an expressionist abstract painter and when I paint, being untutored I use painting techniques which are unrestricted and free flowing, that when I tap into that energy to create, it is carried onto the paintings. My paintings evoke different feelings for each and every person who sees and absorbs them - that's why I call it "Soul Vibration Art".  I believe the world is busy raising it's vibration and I believe paintings are created at a certain vibration and that they can carry that vibration into the world. That is why I love doing special and personal commissions, where my clients get to be uplifted everytime they glance at their painting.

I am constantly evolving within my art and I have recently been doing events offering art retreats and workshops. I want others to experience the joy, satisfaction and relaxation while creating - art facilitates free thinking, relaxation and gives a person a chance to tap into a stillness within themselves which is so needed in this day and age.

But, lets be honest, my first love is to create abstracts and the larger the better for those larger wall spaces so that my art can be visible for all to be uplifted.

I have exhibited my work in group and solo exhibitions both in South Africa and New Zealand and because of my advertising background I have always done my own marketing of my work and my clients and artworks are dotted around the world.

Exhibitions include:

  • 2004 - 2009 - Exhibitions in South Africa including Decorex, Private, Rosebank International Market, Home Expo

  • 2010 - Solo Exhibition at Wellington Academy of Fine Art

  • 2010 - Group Exhibition Thistle Hall Gallery, Wellington

  • 2009 -2016 - Original Art Sale

  • 2016 - Nelson Art Expo

  • 2015 - 2016 - Private Exhibition Wellington

  • 2017 - Tauranga Exhibition @ Art By Rosie

  • 2017 - Artfushions Auckland

You can purchase and use the Limited Edition products I have selected using images from my artworks. They are now available  (I am very excited about this project!)

A latest project of mine is SOUL VIBRATION ART - Healing through Art - Using art as a form of healing is now available in a personal art session using Soul Vibration art. These introductory sessions are held at my studio @ $85.00 for approximately an hour.

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I have been involved with art all my life - I grew up with both of my parents being artists. My father John Dunn was a well known potter in South Africa who together with my mother, Tina Dunn (wildlife and collage artist), Tim Morris (potter) and Mickey Korzenik (sculptor) started the Crocodile Arts and Crafts trail. The studio was open the first weekend of every month and it was here that I first started exhibiting my work at the age of around 16 years old.
— Michele Courage

My Inspirations .......

I get inspired by nature, colours in nature, smart and creative people, beautiful décor and interiors and especially........ by passionate people following their hearts and what they are called to do!

I have a passion and joy for life, and I am grateful for everything I have!