Soul Vibration Art Session

Soul Vibration webpg.jpg
Soul Vibration webpg.jpg

Soul Vibration Art Session


INTRODUCTORY OFFER OF $80.00 - NORMAL price per session is $95.00

This is only redeemable in person at Michele's studio in Paremata, Porirua, Wellington.

Michele is now offering her Soul Vibration Art sessions from her studio in Paremata.

Each session includes:
    - A guided 15min meditation in which you will receive a colour most needed at this time for healing
    - Choosing your 2 complimentary colours with which you resonate with at this time
    - Guided tutoring while doing your personal artwork
    - Michele will then do her spiritually guided white ‘message’ on the top of your artwork
    - Take home a wonderful piece of your own Soul Vibration artwork for use in your daily meditation - effectively helping you to raise your vibration.

This special reading and image can help you to discover the wonders of meditation and stillness using colour and vibrational energy. Or just be uplifted everytime you look at the artwork.

Once your session is booked and paid for, address details and a date and time which suits you can be finalized

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