These are a few of the questions I have asked. Feel free to contact me for any unanswered questions via email or over the phone:

Q: What is a commissioned artist?

A: A commissioned artist is an artist who is comfortable working with you the client to create a unique art piece.  Some artists prefer not to paint commissions as they feel they are being dictated to by the client and also possibly feel that they will not satisfy the client. I love commissions as I get to meet you, see the space, collaborate colour, size etc.  I charge a non refundable deposit. I have never had an unsatisfied client yet!

Q: Why should I work with a commissioned artist?

A: By commissioning an artist it will mean you become part of the creative process, you get to know the artists and they get to understand your requirements. It will mean you love or connect with that artist's style of work and would love to purchase a piece made especially for you! You get to meet the artist personally and the painting becomes that much more special for that reason. Artist's try harder - it is in our DNA to please!


Q: What is involved in the process, and what if I don't live in Wellington, is it still possible to work with you?

A: If you would like a commissioned work the process is simple. We meet up (preferably in situe)and discuss your needs. I show you my whole portfolio and we discuss colouring, style and size of artwork you would like. I work on a 40% deposit to cover costs of canvas etc. I will gladly travel within a 150km radius of Wellington (Northwards!), but if you live further afield in New Zealand the commission needs to warrant that ($1200 and upwards). Skype and photos can go a long way to alleviating this problem.


Q: What do you paint with and how long will the painting last?



Q: What if I buy a painting from your website and I want to return it?

A: I paint with quality acrylics and use quality canvas for my larger paintings. If looked after and not hung in direct sunlight a painting can last indefinitely. A duster is sufficient to keep dust off (just be careful about broken feathers on a duster for scratching) - a damp cloth can be used to clean and rub off marks.

A: I am more than happy to accept returns as long as there is no damage. Once I have received the painting I will refund the purchase price in full.