"I encourage you to discover the wonders of colour and vibrational energy. By using your Soul Vibration artpiece as a tool when meditating, you facilitate your spiritual path of enlightenment." - Michele

HEALING THROUGH ART & COLOUR VIBRATION: This energy healing is a very new way of accessing the new higher vibrational healing energies needed using colour and vibrational 'codes'.

SOUL VIBRATION SESSIONS - Michele is now offering her Soul Vibration sessions from her studio in Paremata, Porirua, Wellington. (EFT Pos is also available at the studio)

SPECIAL OFFER: Price $90 for 2 x Independent hour sessions - Valid for August and September (valid for the same person)

For an available time, book now by emailing Michele at

 – In your session you will be guided through a special meditation from Michele. In this meditation you will receive your special healing colour which you need at this specific time for healing. Michele will then work with you to create your own Soul Vibration art piece using liquid acrylic inks. This piece is yours to keep and use to uplift your inner soul for more alignment. You are encouraged to use the image in a daily meditation for maximum benefit.    An energy exchange is optional. (Michele is trained in USUI HOLY FIRE ii REIKI RYOHO - Usui system of Natural Healing)

“I believe everything is energy and carries vibrational energy and the sentiments of when it (an artwork) was created will live on through that image to guide and inform! I am bringing down this energy in its purest form to heal and help raise vibrations” - Michele


I was excited to experience a Soul Vibration Art session with Michele Courage recently, and I didn’t really know what to expect but found it so uplifting.  The beautiful meditation was relaxing and took me away on a journey where I was able to go within and tap into what my heart and soul needed.  To follow that up using vibrant colours in a way of invoking what I needed was amazing, I was surprised by the colour that was given to me and when it all came together, I was really inspired by how stunning it was.  I love my picture and treasure it every day when I do my morning meditation, and each time I look at it, something different comes to life for me!  I highly recommend this experience, you too will be amazed at the joy it gives you, not only at the time but ongoing when you look at your masterpiece from your soul!   - Lisa Conroy

My experience with the soul vibration art was very intriguing and delightful! I love the concept and seeing all those vibrant colours made me want to have a session with Michele. At the beginning we started with a mediation that was so gentle and soft, I felt relaxed immediately. I loved the way the journey in the meditation just seemed to clear away all of the “day” stuff I felt- I was in the moment! My main colour for me was yellow, then magenta then turquoise. As I watched the yellow move so softly around my canvas my heart was filling with joy, the joy you feel when you look outside in the morning and see the beautiful sun in the sky. I then played with the magenta droplets as they changed the dynamic of the canvas in such a mesmerising way. My decision for using the turquoise was very interesting, as its my favourite colour i thought I would have used a lot, but surprising I was very refrained I just didn’t feel the need it was like the experience was guiding me in some way. Very subtle and truly magical.
This is such a great experience and I highly recommend Michele’s unique Soul vibration Art I love my art work it is so vivid and beautiful!
Thank you Michele for all that you do    - Chrisssy Nash

"These special artworks are messages from Spirit your soul will resonate with. There will be a deeper understanding given to you through meditation and stillness using the image. By using this artwork image in your meditation and stillness process, the energies are able to transmute and instill a newer, more resistant vibration energy to a person. These vibrational energies are, and work, at a higher vibrational frequency than in the past, helping the earth and everything on it to resolve and transend to its higher evolutionary existence." - michele courage
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Soul Vibration Limited Edition products: These products carry the energy of the images portrayed and can be used for upliftment.

Soul Vibration Limited Edition products: These products carry the energy of the images portrayed and can be used for upliftment.

LIMITED EDITION SCARVES: Michele's artworks vibrate with colour and with vibrational energies. The products which Michele has created carry these vibrational frequencies through to the beholder or user. Michele's Limited Edition scarves are and example of this. By using the scarf you can feel the vibrational fequency surrounding yourself. The scarf is a wonderful tool for use in your meditation work. Click here to order

MEDITATION CARDS: Michele has brought through Meditation Artworks to help humanity in their quest for enlightenment and ascention. These 7 artworks are now available in a card pack. The artworks vibrate with colour and with vibrational energies. The 7 messages are: ENHANCEMENT & DEEPENING OF UNDERSTANDING OF SPIRIT, JOY & LAUGHTER, GROWTH & ENLIGHTENMENT, KNOWLEDGE OF SELF, LOVE 7 LIGHT, FORGIVENESS & GRATITUDE, PEACE & SERENITY. Each image is a wonderful tool for use in your meditation work.

Michele has developed her range of products (available now through her SHOP on this site) with the intention that they will carry the vibrational energies of when they were created. The images on her gorgeous scarves, cushions and of course the jewellery are all taken from the special moments happening within her paintings. These products are unique and are Limited Editions.


Rememberance Gifts - a truly memmorable keepsake of your loved one


Use Soul Vibration art and jewellery to remember and celebrate that special person who has passed.