HEALING THROUGH ART - Soul Vibration Art – Michele will guide you through a meditation to choose a your special healing colour. You will then be guided to create your own Soul Vibration artpiece. These special artworks are messages from Spirit your soul will resonate with. There will be a deeper understanding given to you through meditation and stillness using the image. By using this artwork image in your meditation and stillness process, the energies are able to transmute and instill a newer, more resistant vibration energy to a person. These vibrational energies are, and work, at a higher vibrational frequency than in the past, helping the earth to resolve and transend to its higher evolutionary existence. This special reading and image will help you to discover the wonders of meditation and stillness using colour and vibrational energy.

"I believe everything is energy and carries vibrational energy and the sentiments of when it was created will live on through that image to guide and inform!" - michele

Soul Vibration Art - TESTIMONIAL



SOUL VIBRATION SESSIONS - Michele now offers her Soul Vibration Art sessions from her studio in Paremata, Porirua, Wellington. (EFT Pos available at the studio)

INTRODUCTORY OFFER: Price $45 for a 45min session. More Info

For an available time, book now by emailing Michele at michele.courage@gmail.com

Or Pay for a session and gift it to that special person. They can book their session time via email.





Soul Vibration Limited Edition products

Michele has developed her range of products (available now through her SHOP on this site) with the intention that they will carry the vibrational energies of when they were created. The images on her gorgeous scarves, cushions and of course the jewellery are all taken from the special moments happening within her paintings. Most of her products are unique and Limited Editions.


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