Experience a VIBRATIONAL ENERGY activation Session with Michele

Seeking out Vibrational Activation helps to gain access and bring you closer to your full energetic potential. When we work on raising our vibration one of the many benefits are that we are able to 'ride' the dramas in our life with so much more tolerance and grace. The enlightenment we seek enables us to 'bounce' back quicker from our life lessons without holding onto the negative associations and actions surrounding us, which can keep us stuck in our old patterns and holding onto our past - effectively keeping us stuck in a lower vibration. An energy activation can assist you in releasing any barriers and blockages to help move you forward in your life. I use colour and energy to help to transform the existing light in a person to be stronger, to withstand more of the heavier energies that one comes into contact with daily and in life. My art has always been intuitive and untutored and I work with energy the same way, trusting my guidance for the most positive possible outcome. My abilities lie in activating DNA at a cellular level and opening a free flow of energy - in effect, I am a 'transmitter' activating and allowing positive energy to replace the older, stagnant 'baggage' we all hold as well as opening channels for more flow. Reigniting our connection with our higher self and purpose.

A renewal and heightened sense of purpose and action is the result.

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This is YOUR  invitation to have a one to one conscious chat with me over a cuppa ....

Your session will include:

  • Cleansing meditation
  • Colour consultation
  • Vibrational activation (activating DNA at a cellular level)
  • Conscious conversation
  • Pocket journal

The purpose of our session is to realign, activate, re-affirm and reconnect to your higher self. Giving you a clearer understanding and connection, for you to live more in alignment with your universal purpose by an energy activation/healing.

It is usual to experience downloads and shifts during and after a session. These sessions are held in my studio in Paremata. 

Pricing: The charge for this activation and energy exchange session is for you to purchase intuitively from my wide range of vibrational products. There is an upfront $10 booking fee.

"Most experience a shift from the start. There is more clarity - you feel a renewed sense of empowerment which triggers a raise in your vibration, bringing you closer and more inline with your souls purpose for this lifetime. The energy I work with is just so powerful! " - Michele


- I now am offering these sessions from my studio in Paremata, Porirua, Wellington. $75.00 per session. (EFT Pos is also available at the studio)

These sessions are approximately 45min and include a UNIQUE Soul Vibration Artwork for you to take home for upliftment and meditation. This is an extra tool to use for learning the art of meditation or going deeper with more insight if you are already practicing meditation.

This can also be booked as an add on when booking a Courage Cafe session with me.


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Carolin Nobles - Sound Healer & Spiritual Guide says:  " It's so exciting to be in your presence. I get downloads just being around you. Healer of healers, you confront people and for those who are ready, it is good. "

Chrissy Nash from House of Wellbeing says: "My experience with the soul vibration art was very intriguing and delightful! I love the concept and seeing all those vibrant colours made me want to have a session with Michele. At the beginning we started with a mediation that was so gentle and soft, I felt relaxed immediately. I loved the way the journey in the meditation just seemed to clear away all of the “day” stuff I felt- I was in the moment! My main colour for me was yellow, then magenta then turquoise. As I watched the yellow move so softly around my canvas my heart was filling with joy, the joy you feel when you look outside in the morning and see the beautiful sun in the sky. I then played with the magenta droplets as they changed the dynamic of the canvas in such a mesmerising way. My decision for using the turquoise was very interesting, as its my favourite colour i thought I would have used a lot, but surprising I was very refrained I just didn’t feel the need it was like the experience was guiding me in some way. Very subtle and truly magical.
This is such a great experience and I highly recommend Michele’s unique Soul vibration Art I love my art work it is so vivid and beautiful!
Thank you Michele for all that you do."   

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Lisa Conroy from Box of Chocolates says:   "I was excited to experience a Soul Vibration Art session with Michele Courage recently, and I didn’t really know what to expect but found it so uplifting.  The beautiful meditation was relaxing and took me away on a journey where I was able to go within and tap into what my heart and soul needed.  To follow that up using vibrant colours in a way of invoking what I needed was amazing, I was surprised by the colour that was given to me and when it all came together, I was really inspired by how stunning it was.  I love my picture and treasure it every day when I do my morning meditation, and each time I look at it, something different comes to life for me!  I highly recommend this experience, you too will be amazed at the joy it gives you, not only at the time but ongoing when you look at your masterpiece from your soul!"

SOUL VIBRATION ARTWORKS: "These special artworks are messages from Spirit your soul will resonate with. There will be a deeper understanding given to you through meditation and stillness using the image. By using this artwork image in your meditation and stillness process, the energies are able to transmute and instill a newer, more resistant vibration energy to a person. These vibrational energies are, and work, at a higher vibrational frequency than in the past, helping the earth and everything on it to resolve and transend to its higher evolutionary existence." - michele courage

For more information and/or an available time, email Michele at michele.courage@gmail.com

HOW an Energy session WORKS

This is a powerful healing energy that reaches well beyond superficial emotional issues to release the energetic charge attached to emotional wounds. Your energetic charge is what sometimes locks you into life-long repetitive and self-destructive behaviors.  These retained memories and feelings sometimes limit how we all experience the world, how we respond to it, and even whether we can hear the voice of our own soul when it tries to speak to us. As a result, we often compromise the essence of who we are in order to fit in, be loved, and please those around us. Trust and being open is a huge part of the healing process. In allowing the new energy to effectively replace the old, we are then free to experience our unlimited potential and unlock our truth within us, while also being able to allow the negative to be released and allowed to flow.

By setting your intention and then working on allowing the NEW assisted energy to be activated and to flow through you, you can effectively move yourself into a more positive energetic vibration. This in turn helps you to find your soul's truth and true expression, bringing more joy and happiness into your life. By working on raising your vibration, it helps you to be more resistant to negative thoughts and energies or to at least, bounce back quicker. When we follow our true path we live in a more blissful, joyful, graceful and grateful state and develop a deeper understanding of our lifes' path and souls intention. I can help you with this process (we all have work to do - but we are the only ones who can do this work) by effectively kickstarting your system network with a high vibration energy clearing, boosting, activating and opening to allow more free flow of energy. The Soul Vibration artwork that you do with me is another tool to practice meditation with and will carry on working on your vibration everytime you absorb, see and meditate with it.

I am extremely humbled to have been led to be able to now offer these colour activation energy sessions to help raise the vibration in every soul who crosses my path. If you feel drawn to this medium please do not hesitate to contact me.

The process of making a Soul Vibrational Artwork:

At first, I do a gentle guided relaxing meditation. In this meditation you will receive the healing colour which you need most at present. I then guide you through the process of creating your very own Soul Vibration painting. By using your given colour from the meditation and a choice of 2 others you are drawn to use, you then create a vibrational painting which will assist you in your transformation if used as prescribed. The whole process is a very relaxing and a deeply mindful experience. I then finish your painting with a vibrational 'message/code' done onto the painting for you. You are able to take this home with you for use in meditation and upliftment. The painting is a tool and can assist you to learn the art of meditation or take you deeper if you are already practicing mediation on a regular or daily basis.

When you work with me and are open to energy work, there can be a shift or you can be 'activated' to make a shift - this shift process can clear and open blocked channels and bring clarity to situations. I help to bring in new energy to help you be more resistant to the lower frequencies.

(Downloads and shifts happen for those who are open and ready to do the work on themselves. ) - The NEW ENERGY I work with helps to assist and fastrack this work.

“I believe everything is energy and carries vibrational energy. I transmit this energy in its purest form using my highest intention to heal and help raise the vibration of the wonderful beings sent to me!” - Michele

These products I have created carry the Vibration energy of the original artworks.

I have developed my range of products, now available through my SHOP on this site and a wider range available direct from my studio. The intention is that they will carry the same vibrational energies of when they were created. The images on my gorgeous scarves, cushions, meditation cards and of course the jewellery are all taken from the special moments happening within my paintings. All these products are unique and most are Limited Editions.


My artworks vibrate with colour and with vibrational energies. I believe everyone can benefit from this high frequency energy. The Limited edition scarves which I have created carry these vibrational frequencies through to the beholder or user. By using the scarf you can feel the vibrational frequency surrounding yourself. The scarf is also a wonderful tool for use in your meditation work.


I have brought through Meditation Artworks to help humanity in their quest for enlightenment and ascension. These 7 artworks are now available in a 7 card pack. The artworks vibrate with colour and with vibrational energies helping you to raise your vibration by working on certain growth points. These were given to me in one meditation and I then have created the artworks using my Soul Vibration method.

The 7 Images are:


Each image is a wonderful tool for use in your meditation work.

Testimonial: 'These are beautiful meditation cards resonating and vibrating with glorious colours that flow from the card into your being. They speak to your soul, guide your spirit and raise your vibration. You can truly connect with spirit as you soak in the colours and watch images emerge and recede receiving words of spirit that are personal and meaningful. I actually felt the vibrations of the colours in different areas of my body as guidance flowed through to me. Meditating with these cards is a wonderful experience. Elaine Robinson from RenewYourLife – A New Lease of Life through Energy Healing'

Vibration Pendants

Creation necklace and pendant. Original is a 1,6 x 1,4metre canvas painting.

Creation necklace and pendant. Original is a 1,6 x 1,4metre canvas painting.

My artworks vibrate with colour and with vibrational energies. The pendants which I have created carry these vibrational frequencies through to the beholder or user. The Limited Edition and affordable necklace and pendant range each has a specific purpose linked to the meditation images. By using these you can tap into the vibrational frequency for direction and upliftment. These makefantastic gifts and are packaged in a beautiful black velvet box.

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My artworks vibrate with colour and with vibrational energies. The cushions which I have created carry these vibrational frequencies through to the beholder or user. They are a Limited Edition range and are quite spectacular.