Explaining what Energy Art is and how these artworks can be so powerful.

When an artist is tuned in and using their intuitive abilities along with their artistic gifts the results can be absolutely amazing and bring about profound change for themselves and the viewer. Energy Artworks captivate energy and colour in a new way which we are only just beginning to understand. There are many layers contained in an energy artwork.  The ultimate goal is to allow your own impressions to form and lead the way to powerful and meaningful change and healing.

Each artwork will emanate energy. The energy can usually be felt by those individuals who are sensitive to energy. All energy contains information. All colour has the ability to heal on the frequency which we need. Energy artworks also helps energy to move and can shift your vibration – effectively raising your vibration. The higher your vibration the better we receive guidance  and the smoother our life here on earth will be.

The theory behind Energy art is that everything is created with energy and is energy, including ourselves. The basis of the energy vibration is that each image is intuitively channeled from Source.

Energy artworks are gifts from Source, spiritual aids to help us raise our vibration as we evolve and help our planet shift conciousness. Many people are now understanding that Energy Artworks are one of the many ‘new tools’ now available and being shared with us. As we grow and expand our conciousness our energy vibrates at a higher and different frequency, thus enabling us to access this higher learning and spiritually grow.

The Energy Artworks move and cleanse energy and as they do this they create a cleaner and higher vibration around them, which makes them perfect to use in healing environments where they can ‘do their work’ just by being seen and absorbed.

It is only through the heart that we will be able to access this divine love and connect to all things earthly and divine. We operate more to our true state of being and in harmoney with all things when we operate within a loving, heart centred flow of energy.