Michele Courage – a Galactic Artist who also does SPIRIT WRITING using the NEW ENERGY as her guidance.

While in Bali I wrote this down through SPIRIT, when I was questioning my inner angst after being shown around an Ashram and the offering altars. There are some great insights written here and I thought I would share them with you.

“You are right!
The worship of false gods is an ancient way for humans to connect – the new energy does not support this – you are here to heal and bring light to this part of the world as you know it.
Your intuition should not be swayed by others – you know best! Do not waver in your work and thinking – be strong and walk in your truth – when your truth is felt it is powerful beyond measure and so you replenish your light and move forward on your path.
You do not have to be a follower – you are not one to follow traditions – do not waver – your thoughts are correct – reject all that does not serve you – for you will be resilient in this.
We hold you in our palms – your are safely guided in your quest – your path is lit.

Be aware of fear as it corodes all that you have done and worked on. Work your light into this place and your light will grow stronger – you do not need to go to the altars – they are man made deietys which give rise to entrapment!



written by Michele Courage in June 2019 – Ubud, Bali