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Aura Sprays for the Soul

Healing & Connection Aura Sprays

Created for you by 

Galactic Light Code Artist and Energy Healer Michele Courage

Every bottle embodies the energy of my original Light Code Artworkused for the label. Every bottle is lovingly and intentionally made using high quality essential oil ingredients that have been selected intuitively – then suspended in distilled water (free of alcohol, emulsifiers and synthetic fragrances). 

My Aura Sprays are designed to be used to create an ENERGETIC ADJUSTMENT – gentle, energising, refreshing, purifying and uplifting. They serve as an instant aromatherapy treatment that helps shift your energy and mood. Aura cleansing sprays are a great way to cleanse your aura or clear energies from a room. 

SHAKE VIGOROUSLY and spray in a circular motion above the crown of your head or around any room or space that you want to treat and then feel your energy lift. Actively Raises Your Vibration

I use high quality vibration oils I can trust – Michele

Affiliates for the range are welcome – 30% discounts • contact me directly to become an affiliate seller and get your Aura Sprays for NZ$33 each!

Aura Sprays available

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