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The Courage Cafe – Soul Alignment Sessions

Courage Cafe 1:1 Session:  Experience a SOUL ALIGNMENT and COLOUR VIBRATION Healing session with Michele.  

A Vibrational Colour Activation & Soul Alignment helps you to gain access to and brings you closer to your full energetic potential and your unique purpose for being here on earth. A session can bring you more into alignment with your higher soul’s wishes for this lifetime.  

My abilities lie in activating, expanding  and opening a free flow of energy to raise your vibration for furthering your knowledge and enhancing your understanding of the Spirit realm – in effect, I am a ‘transmitter’, activating and allowing the new more positive energy (higher vibration) to replace the older, stagnant ‘baggage’ we all hold from this life and previous lifetimes.  The process opens channels for more flow, joy and conscious expansion, reigniting our connection with our higher self and soul’s purpose. 

This is YOUR  invitation to have a one to one conscious chat with me over a cuppa ….

Your 90min session will include:

  • Cleansing Colour meditation
  • Colour explanation
  • Spiritual message (Spirit writing by Michele directly for you)
  • Conscious conversation
  • Dragon Energy Cards
  • Vibrational activation (activating DNA at a cellular level)

The purpose of our session is to activate, realign, re-affirm and reconnect you to your higher self on an expanded level. Giving you a clearer understanding and connection, for you to live more in alignment with your universal purpose.

It is usual to experience downloads and shifts during and after a session. These sessions are held in my lovely light and colour filled studio in Paremata.

Pricing: There is a booking fee of $125 for this 90min session.  You are welcome to prepay the $125 booking fee online now or pay at the studio via card or cash together. EFT Pos is available in the studio. The studio is in Paremata, Porirua (Wellington, New Zealand)

OPTIONAL EXTRA: Book a Soul Vibration ART session at the same time. 

What others say

Malcolm Wilson from Inner Transitions Holistic Hypnotherapy says:   “I finally met you today Michele Courage. Your abstract pieces moved me deeply , as you know my favourite art form. You are incredible and our conversation rocked my world! What a glorious meeting of 2 souls! I loved the weave of conversation & your work. Your words are astonishingly accurate. You’re a phenomenal force of beautiful power & meeting you was an honour!

Hannah Joy from Spirit Conduit and Intuitive Healing Coach HannahJoySpirit.com: “I had the pleasure of having an Energy Healing session with Michele recently. Her session was the catalyst for a life changing movement and shift for me. She helped introduce me to my inner child on a level that I had not experienced before. Michele is a mover and a shaker. Her work is authentic and deeply powerful. She has a beautiful way of guiding you through the process so that you feel safe and empowered. I would not hesitate in coming to see Michele for another healing again and I intend to do so in the coming months. The first time I met Michele, being a Spirit Conduit and Intuitive Healing Coach myself, I knew she had a gift and something very tangible to utilise for the greater good of all involved. I highly encourage anyone on the journey to healing and understanding the connection between self and spirit to go and see Michele.”

Laurel says: “I had the most amazing morning with the incredibly talented Michele, getting a soul vibration artwork and having one of her ‘courage cafe’ sessions! I feel so blessed to have shared this space with you Michele! You are so talented at what you do and I am so grateful for all you have brought through for me thank you. Go see this amazing woman if you haven’t already!! You will leave feeling uplifted and Inspired.”

HOW an Energy session WORKSThis is a powerful healing energy that reaches well beyond superficial emotional issues to release the energetic charge attached to emotional wounds. Your energetic charge is what sometimes locks you into life-long repetitive and self-destructive behaviors.  These retained memories and feelings sometimes limit how we all experience the world, how we respond to it, and even whether we can hear the voice of our own soul when it tries to speak to us. As a result, we often compromise the essence of who we are in order to fit in, be loved, and please those around us. Trust and being open is a huge part of the healing process. In allowing the new energy to effectively replace the old, we are then free to experience our unlimited potential and unlock our truth within us, while also being able to allow the negative to be released and allowed to flow.

By setting your intention and then working on allowing the NEW assisted energy to be activated and to flow through you, you can effectively move yourself into a more positive energetic vibration. This in turn helps you to find your soul’s truth and true expression, bringing more joy and happiness into your life. By working on raising your vibration, it helps you to be more resistant to negative thoughts and energies or to at least, bounce back quicker. When we follow our true path we live in a more blissful, joyful, graceful and grateful state and develop a deeper understanding of our lifes’ path and souls intention. I can help you with this process (we all have work to do – but we are the only ones who can do this work) by effectively kickstarting your system network with a high vibration energy clearing, boosting, activating and opening to allow more free flow of energy. The Soul Vibration artwork that you do with me is another tool to practice meditation with and will carry on working on your vibration everytime you absorb, see and meditate with it.

Michele says: “I am extremely humbled to have been led to be able to now offer these colour activation energy sessions to help raise the vibration in every soul who crosses my path. If you feel drawn to this medium please do not hesitate to contact me.”


michele courage

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