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All of these crystals have been hand picked by myself for the vibrations they carry and very intentionally cleansed & cleared of old negative energies. I work with and personally use high-frequency light & energy to charge & refresh each one!

All my crystals are aligned to only the highest levels of Divine Healing Light to support you on your journey. These crystals have been selected in person and are waiting to connect and AMPLIFY at your service, just for you!

You will notice that I specialise in BRANDBERG crystals – I feel that these specific crystals from Namibia (South West Africa) are especially powerful and are here to help us to amplify any energies we invite in for ascension and healing. If you have experienced a personal healing with me you will know I offer these crystals to you to hold during a session.

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What others say

 “I have found the Aura spray so beneficial and I spray it on my bed before I go to sleep – its helped so much, I feel like it has also helped with my cellular healing as well.”

“I really wish I could translate how I feel after these upgrades. It would most likely come out as a series of clicks and whistles.”

“Dear Michele, thank you so much for the Divine Feminine meditation you so generously held for us last night.  I have done a number of meditations now and this was by far a favourite.  Learning how to call in or dial up different energies – love, peace, strength, self worth, etc was immensely empowering for me and felt like I had grown as a person in leaps and bounds in only an hour.  After the meditation, I felt so at peace and slept like a baby!  You really do make life more joyful for others by sharing your knowledge, compassion and generosity.”

I feel just wonderful this morning! I can see a beautiful electric blue light/aura/bubble around me. Thank you for last night. Xx

“Thank you again for a beautiful evening.”

“Thank you again for a very powerful experience!”

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