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Expansion for the Soul

Anchoring the new earth energy with donation based exchange


I share a lot of free content on my Podcast, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube channel.

If my content has resonated with you and you are feeling compelled to give back


you have attended one of my ONLINE CIRCLES

I would DEEPLY appreciate your contribution to anchoring in the new earth energy via Paypal. (Options start from NZ$11)


I THANK YOU for your support.

 ‘I believe in donation based energy exchange – therefore when I am able and can, I donate to the wonderful souls who are giving and sharing information in their podcasts, Youtube channels etc. This is often where I learn so much and Raise my Vibration” – Michele


What others say

 I attended Michele’s Pleiadian Galactic Art workshop and just loved it! We spent the day basking in galactic energies and allowing them to take shape on the canvas, with some meditation, discussion, and delectable veggie lasagna though the day too. I have my painting hung where I see it every day and it’s like a portal in the house. I’m thrilled that I made this investment in myself, for something beautiful that came through just for me, which I’ll have always. Thanks Michele” – Courtney   


michele courage

Expansion for the Soul

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