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Galactic Expansion for the Soul

Galactic Soul Activations and Meditations 

A Galactic Soul Activation and Meditation session with Michele gives you access to Galactic energetic frequencies which are currently opening up on earth. 

This session is for those who are ready to take their spiritual journey to the next level and includes a guided meditation. Through meditation you will be connecting into Galactic activating energies needed in assisting your ascension into 5D.

This session creates shifts and allows greater insights about your time here on earth within this lifetime.  DNA Activation and opening and clearing your connection into higher realms. Your new awareness will enable you to step into more of an observer mode so not only being able to help yourself but will give you more clarity when working with friends, family and clients.

A session will help you to transend to a higher evolutionary existence to help anchor in the new 5D earth. Accessing the energy I work with is a fabulous tool for further soul expansion and upliftment if you want to take the next step on your spiritual journey. 

Want to access Galactic energy ?

Would you like to remove negative energy and blockages ?

Would you like to access the higher dimensional energy ?

Want to deepen your spiritual understanding and Galactic knowlege ?


Activate into your Galactic powers 

 I have been working with the different Galactic energies now for a while and have been blown away by their power to shift feelings, perceptions, blocked energy and so much more. How they are able to shift negative energy in a way that earthly sage, crystals etc cannot. We are all upgrading at this time and we need to upgrade our galactic skills as well.

This session is perfect for you if you have done some meditation, you are wanting to expand your knowledge and you are wanting some extra ‘tools’  to be able to do planetary service work easily and more effectively. These galactic energies are ready, willing and wanting to work with you and for you but they need to be asked and activated.

What you can choose from

Pleiadian Energy – uplifting, soul alignment and anchoring more light within for ascension and more

Dragon Energy – clearing negativity and blocks and assistance with planetary work

Lemurian Energy – grounding and connecting into more earthly energies

 Divine Feminine Energy – activating Goddess empowerment and sovereignty

Raise Your Vibration  – discover which colour you are needing at present to balance, card reading, Akashic insights, clearing and cleansing

Cleansing and Clearing – working on removing blockages, obstacles holding you back

A bit about the experience …

This session will be tailored specifically for you and we will work with the energy you most want and need at present to move forward in your ascention

60 min Online Zoom call


 60 min session in my Paremata studio (Wellington, NZ)

Whats your investment

NZ $111

 I am happy to answer any questions please get in touch via email 

What others say

I would highly recommend these activations. Michele Courage holds beautiful and high vibrational space for you. Please do yourself a favour and do one! Love love loved last night! In a dusky pink glow today” – Heather

“Your fire and black dragons worked magically 🙏💗 I lined them up around my home last night and they’re still there energetically. I also placed myself in a bed full of diamonds and a glass case of diamond glitter with light beings surrounded in my universal heart as I slept. Slept like a baby felt body adjusting
Thank you for your support and great care – Kalpana

“That was absolutely lovely tonight, thank you Michele for holding space for me! I might take another trip tonight!” – Rebecca

michele courage

Expansion for the Soul

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