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Vibration Healing Jewellery – Only a few left! 

FINAL SALE:   ” I am taking an indefinite break from jewellery making – it’s been fun, it’s been a great journey and at times it’s been an obsession but, it’s time to focus on my new projects. Thanks to all my amazing necklace lovers, you have made it a wonderful journey!

So sorry, when they are sold out, there are no more………”

“The jewellery acts as a powerful doorway to enable a more rapid ascension into the 5th dimension of love and light, just by wearing it. The bonus is that other people get the benefit when they see it on you too!” Use a VIBRATIONAL HEALING Pendant to Raise your Vibration – everytime you touch it, wear it or are reminded of it by someone who admires it.

Every pendant offers a different vibrational healing. Choose which Pendant resonates with you and find out more.

The pendants come with a sterling silver plated 36″ Snake chain. FREE shipping within New Zealand.

michele courage

Expansion for the Soul

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