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Art for the Soul

Original Intuitive Energy Artwork 

My passion lies with art, specifically creating large bespoke art for spiritually awake people who are want a constant reminder for their SOUL to move into Soul Path Alignment. My commissioned work is priced at NZ$1200.00 per square meter (Minimum size artwork is 800 x 800mm).  I do not sell through galleries, so please contact me directly for a ENERGETIC BLUEPRINT commission enquiry. I work on a 40% non-refundable deposit and am happy to work out payment plans. Worldwide shipping arranged.

My original artwork is intuitively connected to my spirituality and reflects my passionate nature, revealing an insight into my ability to channel specific colours and energetic codes and then transfer these onto the canvas. I have been channeling colours and codework onto artwork for a number of years now and have in the past few years started mastering my gifts and understanding the transformative power they have.

I absolutely love doing ENEGETIC BLUEPRINTS commissions as the artwork acts like a subconscious roadmap reminding you to live an aligned life. I have artwork hanging in private collections throughout the world from Johannesburg and Cape Town, to New York, Ierland, San Paulo, Canada, London, France and New Zealand.

These Soul Vibration Artworks are a powerful doorway to enable a more rapid ascension into the 5th dimension of love and light, with the viewer being drawn into a deeper vision for your higher self. The frequency of the colours creates a vibration that emits out from the painting into your aura activating change and personal transformation. In other words, each painting will “speak’ differently to an individual, evoking feelings from, very often deep within. People who view my paintings often feel as if the paintings are vibrating with an energy which cannot be explained but rather felt on a deeply spiritual level and often evoke visions in the 3rd eye which are a reminder for the soul.

Please read my BLOG for further info on my commissioned ENERGETIC BLUEPRINTS ….

I do not sell through art galleries so please contact me directly for any enquiries. I am happy to work out payment plans for you.

I take a 40% non refundable deposit to start an ENERGETIC BLUEPRINT commission.

michele courage

Expansion for the Soul

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