2019 Inspiring Art Calendar


ONLY 5 LEFT!  My 2019 Inspirational Art WALL Calendar is once more available!

These proved to be so popular in 2018, I have printed again this year. Each page is 21 x 28cm – Limited stock.

Each month features an artwork of mine with a fabulous life quote from a famous artist!

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I believe that my work carries a higher vibration and when the intention is set, that the sentiments when created have been transferred to the product. Colours all have healing properties and all my paintings are created with that intention.

These INSPIRATIONAL ART Wall Calendars are a fabulous way to absorb colour whilst also being functional. Each month is also led by a famous quote from a highly respected artist.

Spritual: “ I channel these artworks from source energy and from spirit to activate the healing journey of the recipient and help them tune into the frequency of their higher-self. The frequency of the colours creates a vibration that emits out from the painting into your aura activating change and personal transformation.
It is not necessary for you to fully understand how they work but only to know that setting an intention around what is needing to be released can create a ripple effect through the artwork. I have been channeling energy work for a few years now and have recently started mastering and understanding the transformative power they have. Tuning into the frequency of the artworks allows the DNA and Molecular cells of your body to release old patterns, traumas and resonate with the frequencies of higher vibration emotions. Emotions like Love, Laughter, Forgiveness, Peace, Serenity and Gratitude.These Soul Vibration Artworks are a powerful doorway to enable a more rapid ascension into the 5th dimension of love and light”

It is a learning tool for your SOUL – the colours and vibration emitted from this painting brings a daily reminder to your soul from deeper realms. Each one of the series will help you to access another part of your “history” within the realms of the outer world. Bringing understanding and a more open Soul to your existing lifetime on this earth. The love emitted from these Soul Artworks is how they heal using colour and vibration as their medium. – Created using SOURCE Energy.

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