7-7 Dragon Activation – Online


7-7 SIRIUS GATEWAY PORTAL DRAGON ACTIVATION – Unlock the Power of the Sirius/Lyran Gateway at my Dragon Activation Online Event! One of my favorite things to do is dragon activations.

  • DATE: Sunday 7th July 2024
  • TIME:  7pm to 9pm 
  • WHERE: Zoom details will be shared upon registration
  • These create a powerful opportunity for connection and transformation. Join me for an exclusive evening of Dragon Activation, where we will harness the celestial energies of Sirius/Lyra to unlock profound spiritual insights and amplify your angelic and dragon connections.

    What to Expect at this Dragon Activation Ceremony:

  • Receive angelic and dragon activations during the Soul Journey (guided meditation).
  • Meditation & Energy Work: Participate in a meditative journey designed to align you with the high-frequency vibrations of the portal.
  • The 7-7 Sirius Gateway Portal is a special celestial event that amplifies spiritual growth and transformation.
  • Access Lyra and beyond the Stargate of Lyra is the 11D dazzling white energy of the unicorn kingdom.
  • By aligning with this powerful energy, you can enhance your intuitive abilities and deepen your connection with higher guidance.There are limited spots available for those who feel called to join me

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I only work with the highest of energies, but please be aware, this does not mean the results are always soft, inspiring and light. Sometimes the higher energies will help you dislodge some heavy stuff that is holding you back. There are no shortcuts doing Soul Work. When stuff comes to the surface, it is for you to really see and work through.

This is why I recommend scheduling in plenty of free time after you attend a workshop or have a healing session. Along with drinking plenty of water and grounding yourself often.


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This is YOUR  invitation to have a conscious chat with like-minded souls over a cuppa!

These sessions are held in my lovely ART studio in Paremata.

Pricing: This a booking fee of $20 and only 8 seats available on any given evening. Seats fill fast. (Please RSVP if you intend paying on the day.)