Dragon Activation


Activate in to a tailor made and specific DRAGON ENERGY

Initially I work with you to figure out the perfect dragon energy for your specific need/challenge in your life, and then I take you through a process to activate you into that specific Dragon energy, so that you can access it and call it in closer at any time going forward.

By activating in to a specific dragon energy, and calling to it more strongly in, you can gain the strength, courage, clarity to work through the issues currently alive in your life.

This is a powerful activation that is tailored to your specific needs. It takes about an hour … (There are many specific Dragon Energies in the Dragon Realm) so choosing is the first part of this session. All sessions can be recorded so that you can re-listen at any time.


  • Using Dragon Energy is a super powerful tool
  • Clears away any lower vibrational energies
  • Raises your frequency and vibrational energy
  • Brings in protective energies
  • Hits and tips are always shared

Payment for one online session