Dragons Celestial Beings – Advanced Course (Part 1)


Dragons Celestial Beings – Advanced Course (Part 1)


Over a 4 week period I will be introducing these four wonderful and powerful Dragons who work with Archangels and Masters to you. Through meditation and activation you will gain access to these four life changing Dragon Energies and attune to their archangels and masters.

  • Archangel Zadkiel’s Gold & Silver Violet Flame Dragons
  • Archangel Mariel’s Magenta Dragons
  • Archangel Gabriel’s White Crystal Flame Dragons
  • Archangel Raphael’s Emerald Dragons

You will deepen your connections with the angelic realms and master upgrading your DNA and cellular structures in your crystalline body. You will be able to help not only yourself but friends, family, clients and do planetary service work to resolve and transend all to a higher evolutionary existence to help anchor in the new 5D earth. Using this energy is a fabulous tool for further soul expansion and upliftment if you want to deepen your understanding of all things galactic.

  • Online Course Platform – Zoom sessions and Private Facebook group

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Michele Courage is an Energetic Activator working with SOURCE ENERGY

Please Note - In all 4 of these online Zoom sessions you have access to an online Introductory talk and ACTIVATION meditation.

I am always available for private sessions if needed - the charge is $111 per hour.

Work one on one with Michele


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These sessions are held in my lovely ART studio in Paremata.

Pricing: This a booking fee of $20 and only 8 seats available on any given evening. Seats fill fast. (Please RSVP if you intend paying on the day.)