Energy Healing (60mins)


Energy Healing Session – Payment for one 60 min session 

  • Using Celestial Angelic & Dragon Energy to clear away all energy blocks
  • A high-vibrational form of Energy Healing, performed directly by the angels and higher beings via the healer, (I only work with the highest frequency beings) to infuse new DNA and Cellular coding in the cleared space
  • We end the session with an Angelic Protective and Healing Light 
  • Direct messages received during the healing and Oracle Cards will confirm next actions, helping you to move forward effectively, confidently, with increased clarity in all areas of life. 
  • Walk away feeling lighter and with more insight

Online sessions via Zoom available

An In Person session is at Otane, Central Hawkes Bay (there is also a cottage on the property you can book to stay over) – Sessions at the Riverside address are in Central Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Stay at Riverstones Retreat for a healing staycation!

A session can include:

  • Clearing and shifting negative energy with the healing Angelic and Dragon energies
  • Akashic records insights and messages
  • Light Code energy transfer using Galactic energies (Arcturian, Dragon and Angelic)
  • Embedding new energy codes using Angelic connections & frequencies
  • Closing with any questions you may have from the session

Every session varies so much and is an exciting journey of exploration.  If you can imagine your Higher Self as a multi-faceted diamond. There are parts of you that have not yet been seen by your conscious being. In this session I can connect in with any past lives which need illuminating and cleared for you to move forward with purpose.  The old codes are unlocked and new ones will come through and are then sealed into your energetic aura. This session can highlight any past life trauma and incidents which are holding you back and need clearing in this lifetime. These sessions guarantee a deep transformation, remembrance activation and connection with your Higher Self.

Many Healers often have experienced deep trauma to awaken and have also done much work on themselves but they are still needing clarity and cleansing around this deep trauma and or patterning which has often been repeated.  I get shown specific lifetime events which we then work to clear and remove the karmic ties using the powerful Dragon and Angelic energies. This is deep SOUL work and clients are often overwhelmed but huge releases are felt. - Fast-track your ascension levels! 

Please Note that this an energy session and should not exclude a medical assessment by a qualifies medical doctor.

Watch this video for a sample of what can be achieved


Sessions at the Riverside address in Central Hawkes Bay. (Otane) You can also choose to stay at Riverstones Retreat for a healing staycation!

PLEASE NOTE: Payment for sessions must be made 48hrs before your appointment unless previously arranged. These sessions are not available via Zoom - ONLY in person.



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