Vibration Energy Sessions


Vibration Energy Session – Bringer of Light VIBRATION  – A session with Michele will actively give you a boost of motivational energy.  You will feel the higher vibration energy which moves through your body, replacing old stagnant thoughts. While you receive this, her chanelled words of wisdom will fill your heart with love and insight.The bubbling joy and positivity feels incredible and you leave with this newfound higher vibration.

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This is YOUR  invitation to have a one to one Vibration Energy session with me over a cuppa

Your 60min session will include:

  • Cleansing meditation
  • Colour explanation
  • Vibrational activation – energy exchange (healing and activating DNA at a cellular level)
  • Conscious conversation and discussion
  • Dragon Energy Cards


The purpose of our session is to activate, realign, re-affirm and reconnect you to your higher self on an expanded level. Giving you a clearer understanding and connection, for you to live more in alignment with your universal purpose by an energy activation/healing.

It is usual to experience downloads and shifts during and after a session. These sessions are held in my lovely light filled studio in Paremata.

Payment:  Pay online now. Once your booking is confirmed a time can be confirmed.

Times available between 10am – 2pm Mondays till Saturday. The studio is in Paremata, Porirua (Wellington, New Zealand.) The address will be sent to you. EFT Pos is available in the studio.

Please note: A Soul Vibration Painting session can be booked together with this session at a discounted rate – 2hrs @ $144.00 in total for both sessions. (balance of session payable in studio.) 



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