Vibration Energy Sessions



Vibration Energy sessions – energy healing and advice on how to approach situations/learnings from a spiritual and higher perspective.

RAISE your VIBRATION SESSIONS – book a 1hr session @$65.00  


SOURCE ENERGY WORK with Michele – Hands on healing and discussion which gives you practical tools to navigate your current learnings in this lifetime. A session with Michele helps to Raise Your Vibration and tap into a more potent source of energy.

RAISE YOUR VIBRATION sessions  – A session with Michele will give you a boost of motivational guidance and energy actively raising your vibration. Her chanelled words of wisdom will fill your heart with love and insight and an understanding of your situation from a higher perspective, giving you practical tools to navigate your current learnings.

“The bubbling joy and positivity feels incredible and you leave the session with this newfound higher vibration – the vision for your higher self work, clearer in your minds eye.”


‘When you work with me and are open to energy work, there can be a shift or you can be ‘activated’ to take direction to make a shift – this shift process can clear and open blocked channels and bring clarity to situations. I can also help to bring in new energy to help you be more resistant to the lower frequencies. Downloads and shifts happen for those who are open and ready to do the work on themselves. The NEW ENERGY I work with helps to assist and fasttrack this work.’


Most experience a shift from the start. There is more clarity – you feel a renewed sense of empowerment, a clearer vision which triggers a raise in your vibration, bringing you closer and more inline with your souls purpose for this lifetime. You also tend to make more aligned descisions in your everyday life afterwards. This energy work is just so powerful!

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This is YOUR  invitation to have a one on one Vibrational Energetic Healing session with me over a cuppa in person or telephonically.

Your 60min session is absolutely just for you and can include:

  • Conscious conversation and discussion with practical tools and advice 
  • Energetic healing
  • Answering your questions from a higher perspective
  • Practical actions to implement 
  • Advice on how to live a Soul Aligned life
  • Insights on existing issues
  • Energy Card reading
  • Actively raising your vibration


The purpose of our session is to activate, realign, re-affirm and reconnect you to your higher self on an expanded level. I will aim to give you the tools to go forward to find your own answers as well as opening up your channels for a higher frequency of light to flow into your auric field..  In doing so, bringing you closer into alignment with your higher self/souls wishes for this lifetime to give you a clearer understanding and connection, for you to live more in alignment with your universal purpose for this lifetime.

It is usual to experience downloads and shifts during and after a session. 

Times available between 10am – 2pm Mondays -Wednesday’s. 10am – 6pm Thursday & Friday. After hours slots available.

Contact me to set up an appointment that suits via text, email or messenger.



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