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GALACTIC Activation Meditation

  • Connecting and Activating Meditation
  • Conscious chat
  • Vibrational activation (activating DNA at a cellular level)

Pricing: $111.00 per individual 60 min session. Please contact Michele to discuss an available time and also to decide which activation would best suit you at this time. The ZOOM connection will be sent to you via email once you have confirmed a time for your session.

See more info below.


The purpose of our session is to activate, reconnect and give you access to Galactic energy and guidance an expanded level for clearer understanding and connection, for you to live more in alignment with your universal purpose.

Please note: A written SPIRITUAL message from spirit can be booked together with this session at an extra cost of $53.00 (what your higherself/soul is most wanting you to work on at present - This session includes a chanelled message from spirit to you written for you by Michele. Her messages from spirit are directly written for you to encourage you to align more towards what your soul's wish is for this lifetime.) 

It is usual to experience downloads and shifts during and after a session. These sessions are held in my lovely light filled studio in Paremata.

A Vibrational Activation and reading helps you to gain access to and bring you closer to your full energetic potential and your unique purpose for being here on earth.

A session with Michele will actively give you a boost of motivational energy.  You will feel the higher vibration energy which moves through your body, replacing old stagnant thoughts. While you receive this, her chanelled words of wisdom will fill your heart with love and insight.The bubbling joy and positivity feels incredible and you leave with this newfound higher vibration.

When you work with me and are open to energy work, there can be a shift or you can be ‘activated’ to make a shift – this shift process can clear and open blocked channels and bring clarity to situations. I can also help to bring in new energy to help you be more resistant to the lower frequencies. Downloads and shifts happen for those who are open and ready to do the work on themselves. The NEW ENERGY I work with helps to assist and fasttrack this work.

"Most experience a shift from the start. There is more clarity – you feel a renewed sense of empowerment which triggers a raise in your vibration, bringing you closer and more inline with your souls purpose for this lifetime. You also tend to make more aligned descisions in your everyday life. The energy I work with is just so powerful!" - Michele

EFT Pos available in the studio.



  1. Michele Courage

    I wanted to share with you that your session on dragons has opened up a portal of connection and I am not only seeing them regularly in the clouds I began to see them swirling around me in my meditation today. So lifelike. Thank you.

  2. Michele Courage

    Thanks again Michele for everything. This is the start of a new exciting journey. 🐉

  3. Michele Courage

    “I would highly recommend these activations. Michele Courage holds beautiful and high vibrational space for you. Please do yourself a favour and do one! Love love loved last night! In a dusky pink glow today” – Heather

  4. Michele Courage

    “Your fire and black dragons worked magically 🙏💗 I lined them up around my home last night and they’re still there energetically. I also placed myself in a bed full of diamonds and a glass case of diamond glitter with light beings surrounded in my universal heart as I slept. Slept like a baby felt body adjusting
    Thank you for your support and great care – Kalpana

  5. Michele Courage

    “That was absolutely lovely tonight, thank you Michele for holding space for me! I might take another trip tonight!” – Rebecca

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