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Love & Light Scented Candle



Created with love and encoded light for support to use to connect into the realms when doing SOULWORK / MEDITATION / HEALING

Best used for Joy • Connection • Uplifting • Happiness • Love

Blended with High Vibration Essential Oils by Michele for use while connecting into the realms – Meditation • Connection • Stillness • Expansion

  • 100% Natural Vegan Coconut wax candle Hand-Made in Hawks Bay, New Zealand.
  • Small Batches – Handpoured
  • Housed in a white glass jar with natural wood lid.
  • Eco-Cotton tabbed wick.
  • 145ml

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Best used for CONNECTING INTO LIGHTER ENERGIES – Love & Light – Joy • Connection • Uplifting • Happiness • Love

Aura Spray and Candle Ingredients:

  • Citrus Bliss – uplifting, stress reducing and energizing
  • Zendocrine – Emotional and Spiritual wellbeing, Clarity and clearing
  • Peppermint – Healing and refreshing
  • Intune –  Focus, foundation and attention
  • Myrrh – Emotional balance and wellbeing
  • Lime – Balances, stimulates and energizes
  • Bergamot – Uplifting and calming

Aura Spray = Distilled Water

Candle = Coconut Wax (Non Allergenic)

A living key code transmission helping you to access Love & Light energies using colour and intention. 


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