Pleiadian/Matariki Gathering – Hawke’s Bay


RAISE YOUR VIBE with Michele

  • DATE: Friday 28th June 2024
  • TIME:  3pm to 6pm 
  • VENUE: Heretaunga Women’s Centre Cnr Russell and, Eastbourne Street East, Hastings (Hawke’s Bay)

Come and celebrate with me! Matariki is the Pleiades star cluster and a celebration of its first rising in late June. The rising marks the beginning of the new year in the Māori lunar calendar. The appearance of Matariki in the morning sky is a sign for people to gather, to honour the dead, celebrate the present, and plan for the future.

  • Homegrown herbal tea ceremony
  • Receive powerful UPLIFTING energy in a guided meditation 
  • Optional Pleiadian Stardust Aura Spray ($40)
  • Optional Sage Smudge bouquet ($20)
  • Optional A4 Pleiadian Stardust print ($55)

Booking is essential – Limited spaces.

10 in stock


I only work with the highest of energies, but please be aware, this does not mean the results are always soft, inspiring and light. Sometimes the higher energies will help you dislodge some heavy stuff that is holding you back. There are no shortcuts doing Soul Work. When stuff comes to the surface, it is for you to really see and work through.

This is why I recommend scheduling in plenty of free time after you attend a workshop or have a healing session. Along with drinking plenty of water and grounding yourself often.


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This is YOUR  invitation to have a conscious chat with like-minded souls over a cuppa!

These sessions are held in my lovely ART studio in Paremata.

Pricing: This a booking fee of $20 and only 8 seats available on any given evening. Seats fill fast. (Please RSVP if you intend paying on the day.)