Soul Code Energy Healing (60mins)


SOUL CODE ENERGY HEALING SESSION  – Payment for one 60+ min session

SOUL RECODING session includes:

  • Clearing and shifting negative energy with the healing Angelic and Dragon energies
  • Akashic records insights and messages
  • Light Code energy transfer using Galactic energies (Arcturian, Dragon and Angelic)
  • Closing with any questions you may have from the session

Every session varies so much and is an exciting journey of exploration.  If you can imagine your Higher Self as a multi-faceted diamond. There are parts of you that have not yet been seen by your conscious being. In this session I will connect in with any past lives which need illuminating and cleared for you to move forward with purpose.  The old codes are unlocked and new ones will come through and are then sealed into your energetic aura. This session is designed to highlight any past life trauma and incidents which are holding you back and need clearing in this lifetime. The sessions guarantee a deep transformation, remembrance activation and connection with your Higher Self.

Many Healers often have experienced deep trauma to awaken and have also done much work on themselves but they are still needing clarity and cleansing around this deep trauma and or patterning which has often been repeated.  I get shown specific lifetime events which we then work to clear and remove the karmic ties using the powerful Dragon and Angelic energies. This is deep SOUL work and clients are often overwhelmed but huge releases are felt. – Fast-track your ascension levels!  


If you live in or near Wellington, New Zealand, come and see me in person in my studio in Paremata until the 27th January 2022. Sessions from Mid February 2022 will be at the NEW address in Central Hawkes Bay. (Otane) The address will be sent once all details are confirmed.
PLEASE NOTE: All sessions must be paid for 48hrs in advance unless otherwise arranged.

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This is YOUR  invitation to have a one to one Soul Alignment Vibration session with me over a cuppa

Your 90min session will include:

  • Cleansing meditation
  • Colour explanation
  • Spiritual Soul Alignment message (A channeling from my guides to support you on your expansion path)
  • Conscious conversation and discussion
  • Dragon Energy Cards
  • Vibrational activation – energy exchange (healing and activating DNA at a cellular level)

The purpose of our session is to activate, realign, re-affirm and reconnect you to your higher self on an expanded level. Giving you a clearer understanding and connection, for you to live more in alignment with your universal purpose by an energy activation/healing.

It is usual to experience downloads and shifts during and after a session. These sessions are held in my lovely light filled studio in Paremata.

Booking a time: I have slots between 10am and 2pm everyday of the week plus some weekend slots available.

Payment:   You are welcome to prepay the booking fee online or pay at the studio via card or cash. EFT Pos is available in the studio. The studio is in Paremata, Porirua (Wellington, New Zealand.) Once your booking is confirmed  the address will be sent to you.

Please note: A Soul Vibration Painting session (NZ$125) can be booked together with this session at a discounted rate – The total for the combined 2hr session is $200 .