Courage Cafe 1:1 session


Experience a SOUL ALIGNMENT & COLOUR VIBRATION Healing session with Michele.  A Vibrational Activation helps you to gain access to and bring you closer to your full energetic potential and your unique purpose for being here on earth.

My abilities lie in activating, expanding  and opening a free flow of energy to raise your vibration for furthering your knowledge and enhancing your understanding of the Spirit realm – in effect, I am a ‘transmitter’, activating and allowing the new more positive energy (higher vibration) to replace the older, stagnant ‘baggage’ we all hold from this life and previous lifetimes.  The process opens channels for more flow, joy and conscious expansion, reigniting our connection with our higher self and purpose. 



This is YOUR  invitation to have a one to one conscious chat with me over a cuppa

Your 90min session will include:

  • Cleansing meditation
  • Colour explanation
  • Spiritual message
  • Conscious conversation
  • Vibrational activation (activating DNA at a cellular level)

The purpose of our session is to activate, realign, re-affirm and reconnect you to your higher self on an expanded level. Giving you a clearer understanding and connection, for you to live more in alignment with your universal purpose by an energy activation/healing.

It is usual to experience downloads and shifts during and after a session. These sessions are held in my lovely light filled studio in Paremata.

BOOK A TIME: You can choose a time through this link and Youcanbookme

Pricing: This a booking fee of $125. EFT Pos available. The studio is in Paremata, Porirua (Wellington, New Zealand)

Please note: A Soul Vibration Painting session can be booked together with this session. 



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