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michele courage

Energy for the Soul

Soul Code Energy Reset Session

Connect direct to source energy and support your journey towards your souls path and expansion.

The purpose of a SOUL CODE ENERGY Reset session with Michele is to reset and contain your full energetic SOUL ALIGNMENT potential for this lifetime. To help you to align to your unique purpose for being here on earth and contain this new energy within your energetic aura to support your soul choices for a period of time. I use Galactic Energy’s to help with clearing, activating and input of your codework.

My energy work is offered to accelerate growth and offer spiritual guidance and support during this incredible awakening period on earth. Delivered with intension and divinely guided, an energetic frequency will break up stagnant energy and alleviate any low-vibrational energies being held in your body.

The process will contain and expand your energetic holding capacity to strongly guide you in your choices. This will bring you closer into your complete alignment whilst offering you heightened levels of healing and soul path alignment.

The Process: Cleansing & Clearing blocked and stagnant energy


One of the greatest benefits of this SOUL CODE Energy Reset Session is the opening and clearing of your energy channels for your stronger connection into higher realms for more remembering and awareness.

A SOUL ENERGY Reset is facilitated by a whole team of light beings and completely resets your energy field. It is a quantum healing modality. In this session I also work with the Arcturians, Dragon Energies and more  who are all here to help in accelerating the Ascension and clearing lower vibrations. This healing session restores the soul energy field back to its full pure state. Within this reset we work to remove all low frequencies, blockages and karma and all vibrations below 5D. The reset also allows the body to heal on quantum levels from illness, disease, abuse, trauma, and negativity, it can chang the body and works on a DNA and cellular level. 

 This energetic reset will be in place for 2-3 weeks which allows you to adjust more into alignment at a faster rate whilst your frequency holds strong and high.

“Most experience a shift from the start. There is more clarity – you feel a renewed sense of empowerment which triggers a raise in your vibration, bringing you closer and more in line with your souls purpose for this lifetime. You also then tend to make more aligned decisions in your everyday life. The energy I work with is just so powerful!” – Michele

What are the benefits of a SOUL CODE ENERGY RESET 


  • Removes frequencies below the 5th dimension. In other words, frequencies created by pride, anger, greed, fear, grief, apathy, guilt, shame, helplessness, hopelessness, worry, anxiety, regret, and depression.
  • Removes blockages, tags, implants, cords and dark entity attachments.
  • Restores the soul back to a pure state, which allows you to start fresh and manifest the future you desire. This is the RESET.
  • Allows for quantum healing – the body and energy field begin healing on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. All types of physical healing can occur 
  • By removing low frequencies, your current frequency skyrockets. It is like removing cement blocks from around your ankles.
  • You may experience a stronger connection to your spirit guides and other beings indifferent dimensions. When you raise your frequency and match theirs, you can easily communicate. Some clients can begin speaking light language. 
  • Begins a process of reverse aging. Through intention, we can ask the spirit beings to manipulate your DNA to reverse age. This is optional. We have power over our DNA and only age because we believe we must age.


Why Do We Need the SOUL CODE Energy Reset? 

Each time we make a decision, we shift into a new timeline of probabilities. In each incarnation, we create millions of these timelines of probabilities. Each timeline holds frequencies generated by our emotions.  

If we were sad, angry, apathetic, proud, greedy, worried, anxious or felt like a victim, we generated low vibrational frequencies that cause pain, illness, and disease. These low frequencies also hold us back from experiencing optimal health and wellness. Also, we can have blockages, attachments, tags, cords, and implants that hinder our ability to heal and progress in our lives. They also impede our ascension progress. 

Across thousands of incarnations, we have generated quadrillions of timelines that are holding low frequencies. This build-up of low frequencies must be removed for us to live healthy, peaceful, and abundant lives as we move into the 5th dimension. The SOUL CODE ENERGY RESET resets our energy field back to the pure and expanded state.

How are the Low Frequencies Removed? 

During the SOUL CODE ENERGY RESET, you will have your own team of light beings working to locate your blockages. Through intention, they move the low frequencies through an energy transfer and are immediately transmuted into frequencies that benefit all beings. They are redistributed as love and light energy to all in our universe. 

What Else is Removed in the Transfer Process? 

In addition to low frequencies, the spirit team removes blockages, karma, dark entity attachments, tags, implants, and cords that connect you to the illusion of the earthly plane. Blockages (Energy can get blocked in the body for various reasons. We have meridians throughout our physical form that channel energy. Various points in these energy channels can become blocked. These blockages can cause illness, pain, disease, and impairment physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.)  

Dark Entity Attachments (These are beings that attach to us and feed off low-frequency emotions such as sadness, anger, victimhood, and more. They create tears in your energy field as a bug that feeds on a leaf. The SOUL CODE ENERGY RESET, removes the attachment and heals the energy field.) 

Cords (Energetic cords can connect us to past lives, malevolent beings, and/or the matrix of illusion we live in on Earth.) 

What this In-Person session includes

90mins session in studio

Relax on a massage bed fully clothed

Vibration and DNA Cellular Healing

Galactic energies and crystal energy to help clear, shift and input your soul coding

What is your investment …

   Special Offer NZ$188

In Person Session

Session Times – Week days between 9am to 2pm. Limited after hours and weekend time slots available 

 I am happy to answer any questions so please get in touch via email

What others say

Your energy has awakened something that has been laying dormant for what I think is a millennia, maybe more. The cobwebs have been cleared away and the codes that you have painted in my aura, my energy field, my soul are working their magic. The remembering has begun.“ – xxx

“I felt extremely tired but good. Actually that Thursday, my eye really improved quite a bit. Like not completely healed, but sooooo much better. Found I wasn’t focussing on the past so much. Today my voice is croaky, I think a huge shift is coming. It’s like my voice wants to push through and be heard. Any bs that is coming my way (there’s been a bit today) I’ve pushed back a bit. Struggling with fully standing up for myself. But I feel like I’ve made progress  There’s a wee fire under my butt and my soul is carefully stoking it.” – xxx

“The Soul Alignment has given me a sense of direction and a better understanding of my purpose and is such an encouraging, positive and hopeful experience. I would recommend and definitely do another Soul Alignment in the future as well as use any other of Michele’s services. She is naturally a happy and light person you would instantly be drawn too.  Thank you for the amazing experience Michele. – Tida 

I loved the reading with you and want to say a big thank you. I’ve had a lot go on in my life lately and it was incredible how much you knew and could tell me. It helped clarify things for me and to see things for what they are more easily. I left feeling so content and light and that I knew that I had been making a lot of good decisions for myself lately. Thank you for reassuring the path I am on and my way of living. For being able to see me for me and help me understand so much.   Look forward to coming back again – Zemira


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michele courage

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