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michele courage

Motivation for the Soul

Work with Me – the SOUL SUPPORTER


I offer transformational conversations and unique guided meditations to open up your energetic field to allow for further expansion to bring your Soul Aligned gifts out and into the world – to help you to remember who you are and what you are here to BE and do.  I am effectively what you would call an ENERGETIC EXPANDER and MOTIVATOR helping to tune your vibration towards your highest potential with a little practical business advice and guidance too!

During these dynamic sessions, information comes in and activations and processes are also given to clear resistant energies and raise your frequency. Clients walk away with clarity, direction and understanding as to their next steps in their soul’s mission and inspiration to create it through tools, resources and gifts that are already within their energy field.

Remember you are receiving light coded information, activations and frequencies during these sessions, so finding a quiet space and time to receive and integrate the energy is recommended during and after. While activating, your structure is flooded with vibrational information. These conversations are designed to move you forward physically and energetically, activating your DNA and preparing for new vibrational potentials to manifest.

Practical Support & Motivation

Sometimes we just need someone to chat to. Someone who wants us to succeed, is divinely guided, who is impartial, who has a few tips and tools on how to negotiate the options in this lifetime – from someone who has a Galactic perspective.

A Soul Support call is for you if you are on your spiritual journey and are needing some support and or motivation. Support to ensure we deliver the best solution for your Soul Journey. 

Motivational support and guidance to Step fully into Soul Alignment & Overcome your Fears – Procrastination – Belief – Ideas. 

I can also help anchor Soul business codes – my years of business experience will be there to help you out. (business setup, workshops, retreats, online courses, newsletters, websites, groups etc. Includes practical business advice on Mail Chimp, Canva, Facebook pages, CRM’s, Instagram, logos and low cost websites and more.)


Step forward with a light warrior by your side!

Choose a Support Session which best suits you


I am not a coach – I am here to help you REMEMBER

One Off Sessions

One Off Call

Includes: 1 x 60min Support Call via Zoom

Can include guided meditations

Price : NZ$111

In Person One Off Session  

Includes: 1 x 15min Discovery call. 1 x 90min in Studio

Will include energy transmissions and healing energy

Price : NZ$175

Packages available – please speak to me about a soul support package for more long term support.

Soul Support Retreats

Join me in a unique and BOUTIQUE SOUL RETREAT to step into the alignment for your SOUL GIFTS to thrive!

Soul Support Retreats

Why I became a Motivator and Supporter …

I always see the possibility and timeline. Therefore I have always just intuitively got on with things and I am passionate about helping others to do the same. I have always done everything my own way and therefore have learnt much in business and my personal life. My background in Advertising (Start up business at 18yrs old building it into an advertising agency employing 5 graphic designers. Also moving country’s as an entrepreneur and starting up again and an ongoing love affair with marketing has helped me tremendously in presenting, promoting and marketing my business. I thrive on facilitating space for others to tap into that creativity and joy in a spiritually aligned way using business tools which are simple and cost effective. My entrepreneurial business background as well as my positive energy has now become such an asset in helping others to align spiritually whilst supporting and motivating them in offering their gifts to the world. If I can offer a beautiful soul support and motivation then I am also in alignment and my soul then sings. 


What others say

“Most experience a shift from the start. There is more clarity – you feel a renewed sense of empowerment which triggers a raise in your vibration, bringing you closer and more inline with your souls purpose for this lifetime. You also tend to make more aligned descisions in your everyday life. The energy I work with is just so powerful!” – Michele

“Feel lighter and clearer – shift energy blockages faster! Fast-track your ascension levels!  – “It’s like plugging into a powerful battery charger!”

What else I offer

michele courage

Expansion for the Soul

+64 21 610 317