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Quantum Soul Guidance Sessions

I’ll be your guide on this journey! I work with and channel energies, helping to build the bridge for you with the Beings you’ve been and that may be on your team. To help you into Soul Alignment.

 My goal is to teach you how to access the levels & layers of you, opening you up to the ancient knowledge and sovereinty that courses through your veins. To activate and attune you to the guidance and your soul path.

I believe in removing the disempowerment programs so prevalent in the Starseed & Channeling communities, by using and tuning into Galactic Energies. I am here to activate your REMEMBERANCE. I will help you to find tried and true resources, exercises, question prompts, ideas and most of all GUIDED MEDITATIONS to unite you with the knowledge and energies to connect into. 

As a multidimensional ACTIVATOR, it is my honour to walk beside you as you reconnect to your REMEMBERANCE!

Step forward with a light warrior by your side!

During these dynamic chat sessions, information comes in and activations and processes are also given to clear resistant energies and raise your frequency. My clients walk away with clarity, direction and understanding as to their next steps in their soul’s mission and inspiration. I help you to create this through tools, resources and gifts that are already within your energy field.

Remember you are receiving light coded information, activations and frequencies during these sessions, so finding a quiet space and time to receive and integrate the energy is recommended during and after. While activating, your structure is flooded with vibrational information. These conversations are designed to move you forward physically and energetically, activating your DNA and preparing for new vibrational potentials to manifest.

 Book a Quantum Guidance Session

FREE 15 minute Discovery call – message me to set up a time (see the opt in pop up or email me)

60min Support Call via Zoom or in person

Price : NZ$111

Call Packages available – please speak to me about a soul support package for more long term support.

“Helping people to understand their GALACTIC place and perspective of this world, as well as activating their REMEMBERANCE is my  souls mission helps you to better navigate this lifetime” – Michele 

What others say

“Thank you for the course correct. I have been hiding!”

“I have got such clarity from our conversation – I am now so much clearer and have a new enthusiasm which is giving me new purpose and renewed excitement about my direction” 

“Feel lighter and clearer – shift energy blockages faster! Fast-track your ascension levels!  – “It’s like plugging into a powerful battery charger!”

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