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Vibrational Soul Alignment sessions with Michele help you to gain access to, and bring you closer to your full energetic potential and your unique purpose for being here on earth. A session can bring you more into alignment with your higher soul’s wishes for this lifetimes learning.  

SOURCE ENERGY WORK – Michele’s abilities lie in activating, expanding and opening a freer flow of energy to raise your vibration for furthering your knowledge and enhancing your understanding of the Spirit realm – in effect she is a ‘transmitter’ a ‘Bringer of Light’, activating and allowing the new more positive energy (higher vibration) to replace the older, stagnant ‘baggage’ we all hold from this life and previous lifetimes.  This process opens channels for more flow, joy and conscious expansion, reigniting our connection with our higher self and soul’s purpose. Michele is a Starseed and a wayshower, an ‘old soul’ who is committed to help raise the vibration of people and the planet.

A clients reflection from her session from mid 2018 : “Mainly for me it was a massive activation that hurtled me on my Spiritual Awakening journey and helped me to drop and release a lot of the shadow components that were coming up for me. I feel you helped me to align my frequency with the people who were coming into my field to help me.”

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What others say

Hannah Joy from Spirit Conduit and Intuitive Healing Coach HannahJoySpirit.com says: “I had the pleasure of having an Energy Healing session with Michele recently. Her session was the catalyst for a life changing movement and shift for me. She helped introduce me to my inner child on a level that I had not experienced before. Michele is a mover and a shaker. Her work is authentic and deeply powerful. She has a beautiful way of guiding you through the process so that you feel safe and empowered. I would not hesitate in coming to see Michele for another healing again and I intend to do so in the coming months. The first time I met Michele, being a Spirit Conduit and Intuitive Healing Coach myself, I knew she had a gift and something very tangible to utilise for the greater good of all involved. I highly encourage anyone on the journey to healing and understanding the connection between self and spirit to go and see Michele.”

Malcolm Wilson from Inner Transitions Holistic Therapy says: I finally met you today Michele Courage. Your abstract art pieces moved me deeply. You are incredibleand our conversationrocked my world. What a glorious meeting of 2 souls! I loved the weave of conversation and your work. Your words are astonishingly accurate. You’re a phenomenal forceof beautiful power and meeting you was an honour!”

Lisa Conroy from Box of Chocolates says:   “I was excited to experience a Soul Vibration Art session with Michele Courage recently, and I didn’t really know what to expect but found it so uplifting.  The beautiful meditation was relaxing and took me away on a journey where I was able to go within and tap into what my heart and soul needed.  To follow that up using vibrant colours in a way of invoking what I needed was amazing, I was surprised by the colour that was given to me and when it all came together, I was really inspired by how stunning it was.  I love my picture and treasure it every day when I do my morning meditation, and each time I look at it, something different comes to life for me!  I highly recommend this experience, you too will be amazed at the joy it gives you, not only at the time but ongoing when you look at your masterpiece from your soul!

michele courage

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