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michele courage 

Art for the Soul

Art Classes

I love connecting with people and facilitating the opportunity for people to tap into their creative side. Through my art events, I want anyone to feel that they can be inspired to be creative. Please join me, where we chat, laugh, eat cake and create art …… while listening to great music and perhaps, sometimes enjoying a glass of wine!

Details for Kids Art Classes and workshops can be found on the Kids Art Class page – details of school holiday workshops are usually posted up 2 weeks before the school holidays. Adult workshops can be found on my EVENTS page.


Kids Art Classes & Workshops

Adult Sessions

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What others say

“Our teaching team attended Michele’s totem pole workshop as part of a team building exercise. Upon arrival Michelle served us tea and coffee and explained the workshop. We got given aprons and our own totem pole to decorate. Throughout the workshop Michele was available to discuss ideas, give tips, help with painting techniques and mix paints to colours of our choices. We had a wonderful time, with relaxing music in the background and delicious home made cake and refreshments. The workshop was a wonderful opportunity for our busy teaching team to relax outside the classroom and spend some time together, not as teachers but as budding artists! I can confidently recommend Michele’s workshop as a fun filled relaxing team building exercise with the added bonus that you get to take something home at the end too!” – Anja Geelen – Principal. Little Earth Montessori

My son has been attending Michele’s Monday after school classes for 2 terms now. These classes are awesome. Michele is an accomplished artist. Her passion and dedication to teaching art is obvious, and her studio is a happy industrious space. There is some structure to the classes. Michele starts each class by explaining a classical technique or artist’s style. The students then go to work to create a piece in that style. My boy just loves these classes. He comes home each Monday with a big smile and a sense of pride in the art he has created. – Victoria

Thank you Michele and Lisa for a delicious afternoon, that stimulated my senses! I enjoyed the fun and so appreciate the care and heart you both contributed to weave it all together so beautifully. – Lovelight – Susan

michele courage

Expansion for the Soul

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