Color affects your life whether you are aware of the effect or not. Over the years more and more information has come forward that shows us what happens to energy. Color is a form of energy and I believe we can use colour as a form of healing and conscious expansion.

Here is an interesting (more scientific) explanation of how color therapy works and will explain a bit more about why I feel so strongly about my artworks having healing abilities. Recently I also have been reading a book by Diana Cooper explaining a bit more around the purpose of art and its healing properties in the Atlantean age – but that will have to wait for another blogpost………

Color is a living energy. It is a property of light. Light is energy produced by the sun in different wavelengths. As the light is absorbed and reflected we end up with different colors. Everything in nature is full of color. Vibration forms everything in life. The universe is only energy in vibration. Our body has energy fields (called chakras). All of our organs are comprised of vibrating atoms. All of us have our own unique energy system and our organs have different vibrational patterns. We all emit color.

Light has different particles called photons and microwaves. Light penetrates everything, even our bodies. Light also emits wavelengths that we cannot see (ultraviolet). These wavelengths contain radiation, which is energy. Energy is Qi and life. Now it is revealed that the length of a wave defines its color. In our environment there is an enormous quantity of waves with different frequency characteristics.

Moreover, concrete frequency and color corresponds to each organ. Having the electromagnetic nature the color cooperates with the energetic structures of a human body, strengthening or suppressing their vibrations. Significant changes in the energy structure of the person invariably entail changes at a physical level.

This is so very exciting for me, as science is now starting to explain what many of us “whoohoo’ people have felt all along!


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