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Expansion for the Soul

Becoming a Vibration Energy Artist…

I now live in Wellington, New Zealand with my husband, daughter and 2 gorgeous dogs. 

Expressing my feelings and the energy I felt onto large canvas has always been my first love.  I grew up with both of my parents being artists so I had an understanding of creativity and how wonderful that world is.

I grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa surrounded by art and artists – exhibiting and selling at the internationally known Rosebank Rooftop market. My father John Dunn was a well known ceramist and potter in South Africa who together with my mother Tina Dunn (wildlife and collage artist) and Tim Morris (potter) and Mickey Korzenik (sculptor) started the Crocodile Arts and Crafts trail –  our studio was open the first weekend of every month and it was here that I first started exhibiting my work around 16 years of age. My love of exhibiting and promoting myself is heavily influenced by both my parents who always had their own home gallery/studio open to the public. I had a natural affinity for aesthetic and marketin, owning and running my own graphic design studio at 18yrs old and later on running my advertising agency gave me an incredible foundation for doing commissioned artwork for large homes which required large paintings.  

My journey as a Vibrational Artist has brought me to a beautiful part of the world – Wellington, New Zealand. My life and artwork has been a soul journey for me and since coming to New Zealand in 2009, it’s been linked to a rapid spiritual growth and expansion. The realisation that colour has healing properties and that paintings and products created with an intention are extremely powerful, has seen me moving in a new direction with my art which is much more spiritual and intuitive. I now call myself a Galactic Vibrational Artist as my work is so closely connected to my intuition, revealing an insight into my ability to channel specific galactic energies, codes and colours for healing and expansion using meditative techniques to then transfer these onto the canvas.  

I have consciously been channeling energy artwork for a few years now and have recently started mastering and understanding the transformative power these paintings can have on a person. These Soul Vibration Artworks are a powerful doorway to enable a more rapid ascension into the 5th dimension of love and light, with the viewer being drawn into a deeper vision of your higher self. The frequency of the colours and images creates a vibration that emits out from the painting into your aura, activating change and personal transformation. In other words, each painting will “speak’ differently to an individual, evoking feelings from, very often deep within. People who view my paintings often feel as if the paintings are vibrating with an energy which cannot be explained but rather felt on a deeply spiritual level.  


I especially love doing personal commissions for individuals – called ‘ENERGETIC BLUEPRINTS’  these specially commissioned artworks act as a ‘Compass for the Soul’.   

Upcoming in 2020 I am creating some more large energetically channeled abstract pieces, bringing in more Galactic energetic connections through meditations and my Galactic Art Series – Pleiadian, Lemurian and Divine Feminine energy along with meditations to assist the access to this beautiful energy and create portals for easy access and anchoring.  

I also love facilitating space for others to tap into creativity and joy in a spiritually awakened environment which brings about expansive soul growth and healing for the soul. I have set dates for some super AWESOME RETREATS in BALI and NEW ZEALAND!  

Always creating and expanding ……….. 

My original artworks hang in private collections throughout the world from Cape Town to New York, Ireland, San Paulo, Canada, London, France and New Zealand.



What others say


“Your painting is truly terrific and proudly hangs in our family room. Visitors to our home comment very favorably when they see it and you really have left a lasting impression, certainly in our home, with your terrific work. Keep your paintings coming, Michele, the one you did for us was exceptional.” Irving Schlosberg – Specialist Music Industry and Business Management Consultant/ Freelance Writer

“Upon closer inspection of Michele’s abstract work, it becomes evident that the viewer is pulled into the vast expanse of the two-dimensional picture plane only to step into a world of three-dimensional sensation. It is in her paintings, within the undefined borders of the abstract world that the sweeping lines created by motion of paint renders a visual expression of space, time and energy.” Gallery Owner

“Michele’s artworks are emotional channels to a greater insight into life and what life has to offer and experience. Within her paintings are small moments that can transport the viewer to a magical and calming place. There is an energy within Michele’s paintings which simply put, can be uplifting.”   Gallery Owner

I have exhibited my work in group and solo exhibitions both in South Africa and New Zealand and because of my advertising background I have always done my own marketing of my work and my clients and artworks are dotted around the world.

Exhibitions include:

  • 2018 – Inhouse Decor Exhibition, Sunshine Coast, Australia
  • 2017 – Art Fusions Auckland, Exhibition @ Art By Rosie Tauranga
  • 2016 – Private Exhibition Wellington, Nelson Art Expo, Original Art Sale Auckland
  • 2015 – Private Exhibition Wellington
  • 2010 – Solo Exhibition at Wellington Academy of Fine Art; Group Exhibition Thistle Hall Gallery, Wellington
  • 2004 – 2009 – Exhibitions in South Africa including Decorex, Private, Rosebank International Market, Home Expo

michele courage

Expansion for the Soul

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