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Raise your Vibe

from Michele Courage


“As we awaken blueprints to higher timelines, we write new languages yet unwritten.”

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RAISE YOUR VIBRATION and shift your energy

Get ready to shift your energy, access a higher frequency, and start receiving more joy, love, and live your best life!

Michele Courage’s incredible intuitive gifts have enabled her to be a leader. A Light Code artist and channeled messenger. Now, in her book RAISE YOUR VIBE: Light Encoded Galactic Messages and Artworks, Michele has brought together her light encoded artworks together with her channeled messages from her Galactic helpers. She unveils her channeled messages she been using for over 6 years to raise her vibration and embody these codes.

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Discover a new way to Raise Your Vibration

In this book Michele shares her Light Encoded GALACTIC channeled messages and artworks to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION gathered over the past 6 years. 

By reading these messages and slowing down to absorb these words and artworks, you can activate and awaken the dormant codes and blueprints within you so you can access higher timelines and 5th dimensional frequency’s.  

“I felt the difference in my life, my outlook changed as I opened my heart.” – Michele

Within this book are the codes with you too can deepen your connection with the Divine and become more aligned with your highest consciousness. The key is to raise your vibration by absorbing each message and then embodying it.

 Simple messages of:

• trusting  

• Inner guidance 

• Purest integrity 

• Giving and receiving in a way that’s balanced

• Creating a life you love and deserve

. . .  and so much more!

A message for you

This book is dedicated to those SOULS who have undertaken the mission to RAISE THE VIBRATION on this planet.

To the SOULS who are asking for guidance: 

The simple messages I have received are for me, to pass on to you. 

To embody these channeled messages is part of our mission.

The book is aimed at all those people who are looking for ways of improving their lives in a simple way and can be done without spending time and money on expensive courses. This is the soul work which we are all required to practice. It includes many painted codes which helps with self-attunement and will enable readers to access the simple healing vibrational powers and combine these with the messages. The emphasis is on empowering readers to use these messages and artworks to create a daily vibration-raising practice of their own, that they can then use in a range of different situations. Improving their vibes and in turn emitting wonderful high vibration frequency’s out to all they come into contact with.


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What others are saying about this book

* Raise Your Vibe is an inspiring and absolutely beautiful book. Since I have bought this book, I have used it as part of my routine as I start my day. What I love is that you can pick it anytime and allow yourself to be drawn to the pages within. For me as I read my messages I feel an energy come over me I cant really define. The energy is positive and hits the heart center. The messages are clear and the colors are captivating. I feel the divine within me is at work. Thank you Michele  

* How super exciting, I am so looking forward to having your book at home and enjoying and allowing those vibrational codes to do their work –  I am privileged and honoured to have met you on this glorious path and thank you for sharing your gifts

* I decided to order a second book as a gift for one of my daughters

* So excited to share this vibration in such a beautiful art form

* The colour artworks are amazing

* The messages are so 5th dimensional

* Great cover art!

* I was on such a high after reading this book –

* This book is a must, what a gift!

* It will definitely raise your vibration

* I can’t wait to gift this to my friend!

* I am going to use this for my daily inspirational message  

Congratulations! This is amazing. I would pick this book up on colors alone, it looks delicious  

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