Divine Feminine Scented Candle



Created with love and encoded light for support to use to connect into the realms when doing SOULWORK / MEDITATION / HEALING


Blended with High Vibration Essential Oils by Michele for use while connecting into the realms – Meditation • Connection • Stillness • Expansion

  • 100% Natural Vegan Coconut wax candle Hand-Made in Hawks Bay, New Zealand.
  • Small Batches – Handpoured
  • Housed in a white glass jar with natural wood lid.
  • Eco-Cotton tabbed wick.
  • 145ml

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Candle Ingredients:

  • Lavender – Calming, Relaxing; Blissful repose, Serenity
  • InTune – Focus, Foundation, Attention
  • Ylang Ylang  – Releasing, Heart Connection, Boosted Self Esteem
  • Geranium – Uplifting, Relaxing, Balancing
  • Bergamot – Uplifting, Clarity and Calming
  • Lemurian Light Code Energy

Candle = Coconut Wax (Non Allergenic)

A living key code transmission helping you to access your true Goddess self.

Divine Feminine Calls in the Goddess energies and deep connections to: Hathor – Hathor, goddess of the sky, of women and of fertility and love. ISIS – goddess of life and magic, protector of women and children, healing the sick, accepting the sovereign divinity of your humanity. Green Tara – embodies the healing energy of release from fear and ignorance, human ignorance comes in many forms—from jealousy to pride, the healing energy of Green Tara brings awareness and relief from these negative aspects – It is safe to create heaven on earth. Quan Yin – inspires compassion – Soothes your awakening with self compassion. Mother Mary – peace, love and purity – Destiny is a promise you made to yourself. Mary Magdalene – feminine strenghth, energizes, support and sexuality – Accessing your inner angels of self mastery. White Buffalo Woman – purify the world, bring harmony, balance and spirituality to all nations – Prayers as an act of self realisation. Sophia Dragons – Anchoring your Golden Dragon light body at your sacred heart


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