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Retreats for the Soul

SOUL RETREATS with Michele!

RAISE YOUR VIBRATION & expand your Soul!

Treat yourself to a gift and spend three days with Galactic Vibrational Light Code artist and energy healer, Michele Courage.
Create, laugh, relax and expand your soul with the most fabulous kindred souls as you join me to make mega memories!


 Here’s what I want you to know about my Retreats….

When you spend a weekend with me it’s about RAISING YOUR VIBRATION. To immerse yourself into your authenticity, is true joy!

It’s all about you expressing yourself in this world, feeling and learning to be relaxed about what you are creating and who you are. It’s often more about enjoying the process of creating and of just BEing!

Step into your very own special brand of YOU and then love the whole of you, the creative you – the gorgeous soul who was brave enough to express yourself out into the world. That’s my gift to you – to give you the ‘COURAGE’ to love yourself and what you create and to enjoy the process of expressing yourself without judgement. This is my calling and I feel blessed and honoured to facilitate this beautiful shift for you. 

During our time together, we will laugh, express our hidden talent and reconnect with our creative side. I enjoy using guided meditations to enhance your experience. I do not object to your full ‘whoohoo’ side being revealed – in fact I encourage it. I want you to reconnect with your true authentic self, that part of you who needs to be let out again. That bohemian creative who wants to be set free. We focus on letting go of our inner critic and enjoying playful exploration.

Within the art retreats and workshops I will share tips and techniques on creating vibrant, expressive, colourful paintings, using acrylics, charcoal, stencils, collage, ink and pastels. I help guide you into your own personal creative flow and introduce you to a variety of tools and techniques. 

As I grow and expand in my own creative practice I am always excited to share new discoveries and passions with you!


A great relaxed weekend of good company and nice food set in beautiful natural surroundings. Michele is a great motivator who has the ability to draw out confidence and creativity in others – Yvonne 


Boutique Retreats in the Hawkes Bay 2022

on the TUKI TUKI River


One Day Art Retreats 2022

What happens on my retreats …

Allow me to help you connect to that creative spark that often gets dimmed when we don’t allow ourselves to play and create. Creation is not only about art. It is also about how we create the lives, businesses, relationships and experiences we want. If you know you want something different in your life or experience and you don’t know where to begin exploring yourself, this is a place to start. It can ignite all those passions long buried and breathe new life into new dreams and aspirations.

What others say

 “Such an amazing inspiring weekend. Thankyou Michele. You were a perfect tutor , allowing us to experience our inner creativity, and always there to guide us when necessary xx. Thankyou also to the beautiful souls who we shared the space together with – for all for your friendship and heartfelt love. I would so recommend this retreat – my inner child had so much fun!” – Heather

“Good morning Michele.  Thank you so so much for a beautiful weekend .  You’re the best !  My heart is full. ❤️ I had a wonderful time creating and connecting with all the beautiful women. Just wanted you to,know how much I appreciated everything you did for me .  The guidance, care, love and respect  to create whatever it was I wanted in my art. It helped me to go with my flow. I just love what I’ve come home with and the memories of the joy I had making the pieces. . I feel totally full of love calm and creativity.” Alison

“Michele put on a wonderful week-end retreat, she went out of her way to make sure that everyone was accommodated and that we all created artwork we were happy with. I’d love to do another art retreat with Michele in the future! xx – Hayley

michele courage

Expansion for the Soul

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