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Vibration Healing Art Prints

“These Soul Vibration Artworks acts as a powerful doorway to enable a more rapid ascension into the 5th dimension of love and light just by looking and absorbing it.” – Use VIBRATIONAL HEALING ART in your space to Raise your Vibration by absorbing and looking at the artwork everyday! By hanging these channelled prints in your home or workplace you are effectively healing yourself and allowing them to shine their light out into the world for every beholder to help raise their vibration.

The originals were channelled & created with specific intentions (Atlantean Energy) by Vibrational Healing artist Michele Courage and then beautifully and conciously captured and printed using quality archival textured paper and inks. 

Every SOUL VIBRATION artwork offers a different vibrational healing. Choose which Artwork resonates with you and find out more.

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michele courage

Art for the Soul

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