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Art for the Soul

Galactic Vibration Energetic Art Prints

Captivating and stunning, the visionary and intuitively channeled artwork of Michele Courage has been captured in high intensity and definition. 

Every SOUL VIBRATION artwork offers a different vibrational healing. 

  • Layers of SOUL information contained in each artwork and work continuously through vibration energy absorbtion
  • Infused with a higher resonance and connection to the divine to allow a soul to travel through a portal, a doorway to the truth of their eternal being for healing and insight.
  • Use these artworks to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION
  • Display these artworks in your home or worksplace to effectively heal yourself and UPLIFT your family, friends and clients
  • Easy ordering and shipping
  • Free shiping and postage in NZ

“A beautiful ARTWORK hanging in your home which speaks to you from the other side!” – Each of these unique artworks will bring through extra sensory vibrations and downloads that are specific to the New Earth Energy and support individuals on their Soul Journey. These Soul Vibration artworks act as a powerful doorway to eneable a more rapid ascention into the 5th dimention of love and light.” – michele

Choose which Energy Artwork resonates with you. 

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michele courage

Expansion for the Soul

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