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Light Encoded Art for the Soul

Light Encoded Digital Downloadable Artworks

“I create portals using art to access energy for accessing higher galactic energies.” – Michele

Each of these unique LIGHT ENCODED artworks brings through extra sensory vibrations and downloads that are specific to the NEW Earth Energy which supports individuals in their ascension

Imagine having access to your own affordable Light Encoded artwork and you get to choose which codes you need.

  • Easy ordering – 24hr turnaround
  • Printable art is sent as a Hi Resolution file digital
  • Download and print at home or professionally
  • All files sent have been tested for quality  
  • Personal use only (copyrighted) – Not for use on company branding, websites etc.

“A beautiful ARTWORK hanging in your home which speaks to you from the other side!” – Each of these unique artworks will bring through extra sensory vibrations and downloads that are specific to the New Earth Energy and support individuals on their Soul Journey. These Soul Vibration artworks act as a powerful doorway to eneable a more rapid ascention into the 5th dimention of love and light.” – michele


Hannah Joy from Spirit Conduit and Intuitive Healing Coach HannahJoySpirit.com says: “When Michele’s book arrived a few weeks ago.  I knew it was going to work with me in a powerful way.  I just wasn’t sure what that looked like just yet.  The way Michele channels energy and light codes is not something I have quite experienced before.    I felt terrible about what I was about to do, like it was some form of blasphemy but after I read the messages in the book the artworks at the back gave me a message that they wanted to come out of the book and go on my walls. So I began taking them out and my walls have been surrounded by Michele’s artworks for just under a week now.  Wow! What incredible activations. I actually ended up Astral Travelling to Michele the other night and was in her Studio in the Astral and I believe her paintings enabled a healing activation. It’s really difficult to put into words the work that Michele does or how her artworks and channelled messages and energy healing works but it works….wow wee does it work!      Each artwork vibrates on a different frequency and has it’s own codes to impart.  Sitting with each artwork enables activations within the body and auric field as well as in an Astral Sense as well.  I believe I have created a healing portal in my room being surrounded by these Artworks. You have to experience Michele’s work for yourself and if you have the opportunity to work with her 1 on 1 what a privilege it will be.  I am so glad she has been able to create this illustration of works and container of channelled messages so that her work can be accessible to the masses. – Kia Kaha Michele, Keep shining your light out into the world.”

Malcolm Wilson from Inner Transitions Holistic Therapy says: I finally met you today Michele Courage. Your abstract art pieces moved me deeply. You are incredibleand our conversation rocked my world. What a glorious meeting of 2 souls! I loved the weave of conversation and your work. Your words are astonishingly accurate. You’re a phenomenal force of beautiful power and meeting you was an honour!”

michele courage

Expansion for the Soul

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