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Intuitive painting is also a commitment to deep soul work. To making what is unconscious conscious. To becoming more awake and alive. More whole. More real. More authentic. More you. To developing an unshakeable alliance with your inner wisdom and your inner healer and so my journey takes me deeper.


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Pleiadian Galactic Art Workshop

SUMMER ART SERIES starts 20th Oct

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What others say

I would highly recommend attending these activations. Michele Courage holds beautiful and high vibrational space for everyone. Please do yourself a favour and come to the next one! Love love loved last night! In a dusky pink glow today” – Heather

I was so excited to do this beautiful galactic artwork yesterday. It is truely magnificent Michele. The depth, vibrational energy and enlightenment that was felt is truly magnificent. You have certainly moved into a different realm. The world is ready.” 

I just had the best day, you are a super star and I feel totally honored to be taught so much more than art from you. I had loads of stuff happen last night while I was in bed that i can’t explain.  Like a computer in my head downloading a shit ton of stuff!!! You are amazing and should be proud.  Love you for all you give, your energy and inspiration to help others rise.  Bless you honey ❤ xx – Nicole

Thank You for the most magical day Michele. So much fun working with you to create my own soul map via the the expression of of colour, portals and things that I can not explain in short. My artwork hangs in my meditation room and I use it every day to connect with the energies. .. thank you for helping me to create such a powerful tool!” – Margaret

“Our teaching team attended Michele’s totem pole workshop as part of a team building exercise. Upon arrival Michelle served us tea and coffee and explained the workshop. We got given aprons and our own totem pole to decorate. Throughout the workshop Michele was available to discuss ideas, give tips, help with painting techniques and mix paints to colours of our choices. We had a wonderful time, with relaxing music in the background and delicious home made cake and refreshments. The workshop was a wonderful opportunity for our busy teaching team to relax outside the classroom and spend some time together, not as teachers but as budding artists! I can confidently recommend Michele’s workshop as a fun filled relaxing team building exercise with the added bonus that you get to take something home at the end too!” – Anja Geelen – Principal. Little Earth Montessori


michele courage

Expansion for the Soul

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