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Upcoming Events

Part of Michele’s soul’s mission is to raise her own vibration and help others to do the same. She is constantly seeking out ways to do this by creating and co-creating with other like minded souls. Regular talks, retreats and outings are always happening.


  • Full Moon Life & Soul Path Alignment All Day Workshop – Oct 2019 
  • Courage Cafe Wednesday Evening Session – Oct 2019
  • River Rock Mandala workshop – Oct 2019
  • Pleiadean Galactic Artwork Full Day Retreat – Nov 2019
  • Courage Cafe CRYSTAL Outing to Petone – Nov 2029
  • Coaster and Placemats workshop – Coming soon
  • Soul Expansion Art Retreat Weekend Feb – Wairarapa 2020 – Launching soon
  • Raise Your Vibration Retreat – Ubud, Bali May 2020
  • Galactic Expansion Retreat – Ubud, Bali June 2020

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Full Moon Life & Soul Path Alignment All Day Workshop – Oct 2019 

Michele Courage has teamed up with Alice Conway from Our Paths Unite and Tanya Carr-Smith Coach and Hatha Yoga teacher to bring you an exciting all day workshop in Wellington which will include gentle Hatha Yoga, Galactic expansion with Pleiadean and dragon energetic activations, cacao ceremony and so much more ……….

Spaces still available

River Rocks Mandala Art Session – Oct 2019

Come and relax in my Paremata Art studio painting and creating your very own River Rocks starting with a mandala pattern. This session is a beautiful way to relax and slow down and immerse yourself into the creative ‘space’ needed to tune into your higher soul. Come and join me for an afternoon of fun, creativity and relaxation!

Spaces still available

Pleiadean Galactic Art Full Day Workshop – Nov 2019

Part of the GALACTIC ART SERIES – Create your very own LARGE Pleiadean artwork in an intimate workshop with Galactic Artist Michele Courage. Through meditation and channeling you will gain access to and create a portal into the Pleiadean assisted energies which are accessable to the planet at present. Held in her Paremata Art Studio in Wellington.

You will be immersing yourself into a full day of Galactic Expansion and leave with a fabulous tool for further soul expansion and upliftment where the energies will be able to transmute and instill a higher vibrational frequency, helping you and the earth to resolve and transend into a higher evolutionary existence. 


  • Canvas size:  800 x 800mm
  • All art material supplied
  • No art experience neccessary

Courage Cafe Crystal Outing to Petone – November 2019

Our first outing to Jenny was so high vibe, I have decided to do one last one before the end of the year! Come and raise your vibration with me!

Jenny is a rare crystal collector and has kindly opened her house up and her incredible crystal collection to us. She is very knowledgeable and collects crystals from all over the world and has some rare high vibration healing crystals available for sale as well. There will be a short talk about some of her rare crystals and their healing abilities as well as an opportunity to ask questions about crystals.

Jenny has an extensive collection and you will be able to buy crystals directly from her at great prices via EFT pos.

Only 8 spaces!

TWO Retreats in Ubud, BALI May/June 2020

Book your place now! Only 4 places per retreat

Raise your Vibration Boutique RETREAT – May 2020

Galactic Expansion Boutique RETREAT – June 2020


Courage Cafe Group Sessions

This is YOUR invitation to have a conscious chat with like-minded awakened souls over a cuppa and cake! These sessions are held in my lovely ART studio in Paremata. Meet up with likeminded souls where you can learn more and discuss spiritual growth and experiences openly.

We do short meditations, discussions on spiritual occurences in our lives, answer questions, discuss how to raise your own vibration, dragon cards etc.

A relaxed and fun evening celebrating all things ‘whoohoo’!  Booking is essential as these evenings fill quickly. Only 8 places available per session. Held monthly on Wednesday evenings.


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Expansion for the Soul

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