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A visual expression of space, time and energy

VIBRATIONAL ENERGY ART –  Artworks created for the Soul by spiritually intuitive artist Michele Courage – Adding artistic flair and positive energy to your daily life. Vibrational infused artworks uplift and guide your soul to a higher frequency and vibration.

SOULVIBE CLOTHING range created especially for raising your vibration, are energy infused, using her printed artworks on material. Michele’s products include jewellery, energy prints and clothing.

VIBRATIONAL HEALING and Intuitive Spiritual coaching sessions available.

Commissioned ARTWORKS

Commissions accepted for her larger works – these are especially done for her clients who want ENEGETIC BLUEPRINTS to live a more Soul Aligned life – these channeled works act like a subconscious roadmap reminding you to live a Soul Aligned life.

Michele’s original artworks hang in private collections throughout the world from Cape Town to New York, Ireland, San Paulo, Canada, London, France and New Zealand. 

michele courage

Art for the Soul

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