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Vibrations for the Soul

Expand your SOUL with Art, Vibration and Galactic Energy

Raise your vibration with Galactic Vibration artist Michele Courage

Michele’s powerful gift is helping people raise their vibration by guiding people to come powerfully into their Soul Path Alignment using her intuitive and creative gifts. 

Michele offers you a chance to Raise your Vibration and shares her powerful healing vibrational light to the world. 

~ Allow Michele to take you on a CREATIVE journey of personal Soul expansion and discovery with the help of our Galactic Guides and Dragon energies by creating your own healing artworks – no experience necessary! 

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Her one-on-one “CREATE YOUR OWN” Galactic ART Series sessions are very powerful. 

 “Thank you Michele. You were a perfect tutor, allowing me to experience my inner creativity, and always there to guide me when necessary xx.  My inner child had so much fun.” – Heather

Thank you so so much for a beautiful weekend .  You’re the best !  My heart is full. ❤️ Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated everything you did for me .  The guidance, care, love and respect to create whatever it was I wanted in my art. It helped me to go with my flow. I just love what I’ve come home with and the memories of the joy I had making the pieces. I feel totally full of love calm and creativity.” – Alison

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Michele creates her vibrationally infused ARTWORKS FOR THE SOUL using her intuition and these artworks can act as a powerful portal for Soul Alignment and connection and expansion. 

She achieves this through channeled messages from Spirit and non-physical guides, vibrational (DNA) activation / energy exchange, powerful meditation connections working with colours whilst creating the artwork. 

Michele accepts commissions for large artworks – these are especially done for her clients who want ENERGETIC BLUEPRINTS (BLOG) – these personalized commissioned artworks enable you to live a more Soul Aligned life – these channeled vibrational works act like a subconscious roadmap, reminding you to live a more aligned life which brings joy, love and happiness. 

Your painting is truly terrific and proudly hangs in our family room. Visitors to our home comment very favorably when they see it and you really have left a lasting impression, certainly in our home, with your terrific work. 

Keep your paintings coming, Michele, the one you did for us was exceptional.  Irving Schlosberg – Specialist Music Industry and Business Management Consultant/ Freelance Writer

michele courage

Expansion for the Soul

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