Galactic Upgrades for the Soul

Galactic Messenger & Light Code Artist 

Connecting you to your Galactic Self

“A healer for healers, light for light workers!”

I am a multidimensional activator, a galactic messenger,

an author and light code artist.

It is my honour to walk beside you as you reconnect to your remembrance.

  • Access your many guides
  • Tune into your highest timeline to live an incredible life
  • Create portals and connect deeply through art practice
  • Build the bridge with your past lives on earth and in other planes
  • Connect into your current team to help you to live your best life
  • Activate the rememberance of ancient knowledge and sovereignty 
  • Raise your vibration to be in service 


 – Create your own large canvas energy portal artwork

I offer personalised full day Soul Code ART workshops where you learn techniques to access light encoded energy and bring this through into your own paintings. Connect in to your choice of GALACTIC energies, ascended masters or goddesses. No artistic experience necessary.

You book your date (min 2 people – max 4)


 – Create your own large canvas energy portal artwork

I offer personalised full day Soul Code ART workshop/retreat days where you learn techniques to access light encoded energy and bring this through whilst being immersed into the process of painting. These are fun and relaxed fully creative days where the aim is to take some “ME TIME” and get inspired. Experience Kakao ceremony’s, meditation practice, sharing circles, new knowledge and the PURE JOY of creating ART! No artistic experience necessary.

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ENERGY HEALING – Shift your energy and move into a higher frequency

Open and clear your connection into higher realms for more remembering and awareness of your galactic self. Fast-track your ascension levels!


IN Person and Online ZOOM sessions offered

UPCOMING EVENTS – Raise Your Vibe with Michele

Find out whats happening and where.


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“As we awaken blueprints to higher timelines, we write new languages yet unwritten.” 

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Author of Raise Your Vibe: LIGHT ENCODED GALACTIC MESSAGES AND ARTWORKS, I am an a Galactic Energy intuitive and artist. I channel messages from spirit to RAISE my VIBRATION

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COMMISSION A PAINTING – an art portal for you to access light encoded energy for higher timelines and to shift and align your energy

It is my honour to inspire healing and bring these higher vibration frequencies through for you. Each artwork acts like a subconscious roadmap reminding and correcting you to live a more Soul Aligned life.


What others say

Your energy has awakened something that has been laying dormant for what I think is a millennia, maybe more. The cobwebs have been cleared away and the codes that you have painted in my aura, my energy field, my soul are working their magic. The remembering has begun.” – xxx

“I attended Michele’s Pleiadian Galactic Art workshop and just loved it! We spent the day basking in galactic energies and allowing them to take shape on the canvas, with some meditation and discussion. I have my painting hung where I see it every day and it’s like a portal in the house. I’m thrilled that I made this investment in myself, for something beautiful that came through just for me, which I’ll have always. Thanks Michele “

“Your painting is truly terrific and proudly hangs in our family room. Visitors to our home comment very favorably when they see it and you really have left a lasting impression, certainly in our home, with your terrific work. Keep your paintings coming, Michele, the one you did for us was exceptional.”  Irving Schlosberg – Specialist Music Industry and Business Management Consultant/ Freelance Writer

“Had a fantastic time today deep diving in to meditation with Archangel Metatron and his dragon, before bringing the energy through into a painting. Beautifully guided step by step by Michele Courage” – Wendy

“It is truely magnificent Michele. The depth, vibrational energy and enlightenment that was felt is truly magnificent. You have certainly moved into a different realm. The world is ready!

“Thank you so so much for a beautiful weekend.  You’re the best !  My heart is full. ❤️ Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated everything you did for me .  The guidance, care, love and respect to create whatever it was I wanted in my art. It helped me to go with my flow. I just love what I’ve come home with and the memories of the joy I had making the pieces. I feel totally full of love calm and creativity.” – Alison

“Until I met Michele I had never worked with the dragon energy. Well, I was in for a real treat. I met my first dragon at Michele’s meditation where she introduced the Earth Dragon, such a strong grounding energy. I so loved the experience. Michele’s connection is pure, heart driven and safe. She provides knowledge and purpose as to why we are meeting a particular dragon during her nights. If you are ready to meet with them, they are willingly open to meet you so join Michele on a very special journey. – Heather

“I feel something is definitely integrating and shifting for sure! Definitely still integrating but definitely feeling more solid within myself less all over the shop”

“Last year I had one of Michele‘s Soul Alignment Activation sessions and I was blown away with what came through for me. It was such a beautiful session and I remember coming to tears. It was exactly what I needed to hear at that time and I am so grateful to have spent this time with Michele she is such a lovely person and I would highly recommend her to anyone” xx


michele courage

Expansion for the Soul

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