Purple Sage Smudge Wand



NZ Grown Organic • Purple Sage • Lavender • Rosemary • Seasonal Flowers

  • Purple Sage: Used to attract a true heart-connected love as well as to calm stressed or angry relationships and situations. Use it to bring calm contentment, romantic love or attract positive people and circumstances. 
  • Lavender: A natural calmer and relaxant, attracting vibes that allow your body and mind to relax and ease into life.
  • Rosemary: Provides protection, lifts your mood and is known to relieve stress and instill a sense of peace. It can also remove negative energies from a space which makes it a wonderful smudging herb.
  • Seasonal Flowers: For smells, feels and good vibes.

Homegrown in NZ made with love and ritual. It is important to know that these smudge sticks are organic, spray free and handpicked at Riverstones Retreat. Please note I make these individually and bless them with energy and intention.

Your wand will be around 10-15cm tall and individually made. (Please note this is a natural product – it will look similar to the photo but not exact.)

Postage included (NZ only)

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Ways to use a smudge wand:

Smudging is an ancient practice of cleansing; it replaces stagnant, unhelpful energy with energy that you require, offering space to find balance, gratitude and calm. Smudging can be a potent ritual and should be done with care, reverence and an attitude of love and respect for mother nature.

• Be mindful of fire hazards at all times- this stick will catch on fire, be ready to blow the fire out and allow the smoke to go to work 

• Find a fireproof bowl or Paua shell (to catch the ash), light a candle (you can use a lighter if you don’t have a candle but it can get hot). Use the flame to light your smudge stick it may take a little time to get it on fire.

• As soon as the stick is flaming, blow it out so it’s smouldering (smoking), but be careful not to blow ash everywhere.

• Start with intention, call upon the spirits of the sacred plants to guide you and ask the energies you want to or usually work with, to come in.

Personal Saging

Don’t rush, just be in the moment thinking about your intention, the beauty of the sacred herbs and nature. Fan the smoke towards your heart then circle the smudge stick around the top of your head, move the stick down your body, allow the smoke to move around you and towards the sky. Move the smudge stick over your arms and down your body to your toes whilst still focusing on your intention. Repeat as many times as you feel the need.

Different ways to use a smudge wand

• Light the smudge stick walk in a large circle, stopping at East, South, West and North to create a sacred space for magic within the circle and to call in specified energies.

• Light the bundle and walk through the rooms of a home or other building by invoking the energies which can cleanse, protect or imbue the space with energy 

• Light the bundle and waft the smoke over your body or someone else’s to invoke the energies which spiritually cleanse or for anchoring this in.

• Wave the smoke over ritual tools or objects that you wish to bless and clear by invoking the energies which can do this.


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