Do not fear the unknown. For it is in these moments when your path is shown more clearly to you – to see clearly, you need to surrender to the feelings and allow them to pass through/on so that you are able to grasp the clarity of the situation – your mind cannot do this without stillness and contemplation. – michele courage

Whenever I become a little scattier, flappy or just plain frazzled, I know that I need some time alone to meditate and find some stillness so that my soul, body and mind can rejuvenate and tap into my higher self and the inner wisdom I so rely on these days to guide me. I can only tap into that inner wisdom when I have created a window of stillness. It really is about making that time, prioritizing it if you will ………. I feel that my spiritual wellbeing is pivotal in my health and happiness, so it has become a priority which is non negotiable. Even when faced with more difficult decisions in life, I need that stillness. It checks me before I go bounding into the panic and allows me some time to really understand the situation and my required action. How important is your spiritual health to you?