I want to explain a little more in depth about the Soul Vibration art I do and the more spiritual and healing side of it. Please understand that I am working with a new lighter, more powerful energy and my intention is always to raise awareness and your vibration by deepening your understanding of the realms.

When you come for a Courage Café session or a Soul Vibration art session with me you will do a lovely relaxing short meditation. The purpose of this is firstly to relax and cleanse and secondly to receive the colour that you most need to bring into your life at present. The first colour that just pops into your mind when prompted is the right colour. Often people don’t resonate with the given colour or never wear it or they don’t really like the colour. But be assured that it is the colour most needed to work with at present. I then chat about the healing properties around that specific colour and just how you can bring more of it into your life. We are all energy and vibrations and I believe that colours send out vibrations as well, especially vibrant pure colours, which is why I use Liquid Acrylic paints in my Soul Vibration sessions. They are exceptionally intense in their colour density and while using and working with them in your Soul Vibration artwork you are and will be absorbing this intense colour into the very cells of your body which sets up a reaction deep within your body and soul. If you choose to do a Soul Vibration artwork with me you get to choose two more colours which you are drawn to. The main colour which you received I the meditation will be used first and the other two after. The whole process can be a very mindful and spiritual experience. Once the artwork dries I use white paint to ‘finish’ and I firmly believe that this white, seemingly random flourish also carries the sentiment with which I ask it to impart. The new energies work so differently as we are now raising our vibration on a very cellular and DNA level.

“This SOUL VIBRATION artwork is a learning tool for your soul – the colours and vibration emitted for this painting brings a daily reminder to your soul from the deeper realms. Each one will help you to access another part of your ‘history’ within the realms of the outer world. Thus bringing more understanding, and a more open Soul, to your exiting lifetime on this earth.”

The LOVE emitted from these Soul Art paintings is how they heal, using colour and vibration as their medium. Created using SOURCE energy.

Taking the artwork home and using it in meditation or just seeing it everyday will impart a a greater understanding and gently uplift you in so many ways.

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