Galactic Upgrades for the Soul

Connecting you to your Galactic Self

Reconnecting to your REMEMBERANCE!

Make the connection to the Dragon Realm


Learn How To Connect with  & use Dragon Energy’s for abilities you can only dream of …

A Self Guided Online Course

During the


Course You Will Learn:

To work in partnership and use Dragon energies to learn how to raise your vibration and use this powerful energy to help do planetary work 

  • Send Energetic Help to Others in Need – Replace feeling helpless with learning how to remotely send help to anyone worldwide
  • Heal Yourself, Your Past & Your Life – Empower yourself by co-creating healing solutions – first for yourself and then for others
  • Cleansing and Clearing – Clear and cleanse energy around you, for others under buildings, earth etc
  • Co-Create Better Solutions – Learn how to work with the Dragons and create more equitable solutions in your life
  • Seek Effective Higher Guidance – Learn how to consult the Dragons to hear your own inner guidance in daily life

The course is delivered via video modules that you can watch any time. There are 9 modules each about an 30mins long. My recomendation is to watch one module per week so you take the time to impliment the learning and work with that dragon. As soon as you purchase you will have access to the course website via your password.

About your Messenger

I went from unempowered and feeling helpless

To confident and powerful in my abilities…

Thanks to making the connections and working with the GALACTIC Dragon Energy’s I now have complete confidence in helping others to Raise their Vibration and shift unwanted energies!!

Transformational, Deep Healing, Strength, Personal Empowerment and Self-Confidence from working with Dragon Energies.



  1.  You make your payment 
  2. Payment is verified
  3. Receive your email with a PASSWORD (within 24hrs)
  4. Gain access to my PASSWORD PROTECTED web page via my website
  5. Learn at your own pace

What others say

I have been working with the different Dragon energies now for a while and have been blown away by their power. How they are able to shift negative energy in a way that earthly sage, crystals etc cannot. We are all upgrading at this time and we need to upgrade our galactic skills as well.”


“Until I met Michele I had never worked with the dragon energy. Well, I was in for a real treat. I met my first dragon at Michele’s meditation where she introduced the Earth Dragon, such a strong grounding energy. I so loved the experience. Michele’s connection is pure, heart driven and safe. She provides knowledge and purpose as to why we are meeting a particular dragon during her nights. If you are ready to meet with them, they are willingly open to meet you so join Michele on a very special journey.”


“I’m thrilled that I made this investment in myself, for energy’s that came through just for me, which I’ll have always. Thanks Michele “


“It is truely magnificent Michele. The depth, vibrational energy and enlightenment that was felt is truly magnificent. You have certainly moved into a different realm. The world is ready!”


“I feel something is definitely integrating and shifting for sure! Definitely still integrating but definitely feeling more solid within myself less all over the shop.”

michele courage

Expansion for the Soul

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