Your body is a magical vessel that has the ability to heal itself. These activations “wake up” this healing energy inside of you and enhance mental, emotional, spiritual and physical energy within your body.

All healing is self healing- the guide or healer only guides you to your own sovereign truth that you have forgotten. 

Once you heal from something you become a walking portal for the codes that facilitated the healing, you will hold the blueprint for others to heal as you have done.

Much of this work focuses on cleansing the energy system to improve overall health as well as soul alignment.  Your body is scanned to locate energetic issues such as stagnation, blockages, mis-alignments, and energy imbalances. This work helps to balance your energy centres and clear out energetic debris to create a healthy energetic flow throughout the energy centre.  A healthy energy system directly benefits each of the aura layers and ultimately helps you raise your personal vibration.  Often times during treatments, information will intuitively surface related to the root cause of a particular issue. The reset is a powerful tool to remove all low frequencies, blockages and karma and all vibrations below 5D. The reset allows the body to heal on quantum levels from illness, disease, abuse, trauma, and negativity, changes the body and works on a DNA level as well. These sessions also include the use of healing crystals, guided meditations, sound bowl healing, sage/palo etc. Each session begins with an in-take process to determine current issues and personal goals.

Intuitive energy healing is not a magic wand – it takes your commitment and your belief in the process – it is you that ultimately heals yourself – I am just an open conduit to help you on your journey.

If you are ready to take this on then changes can be quite amazing – it can be immediate although it can also take a couple of weeks before the full effect is felt.

Some clients feel great afterwards and others go through an emotional & physical roller coaster.  Some people experience exhaustion afterwards and this can be a physical sign that things are shifting. Drinking lots of water is highly recommended to help clear the system.

Why do we need SOUL ENERGY work

Each time we make a decision, we shift into a new timeline of probabilities. If we are sad, angry, apathetic, proud, greedy, worried, anxious or feel like a victim, we generate low vibrational frequencies that cause pain, illness, and disease. These low frequencies also hold us back from experiencing optimal health and wellness as well as soul alignment. They also impede our ascension progress and can also draw more unsuitable and non aligned frequencies towards our field. This build-up of low frequencies must be removed for us to live healthy, peaceful, abundant, aligned lives as we move into the 5th dimension. The ENERGY session resets us back to the pure state we enjoyed before beginning the incarnation process and back into Soul Alignment.

Also, we can have blockages, attachments, tags, cords, and implants that hinder our ability to heal and progress in our lives which are cleared.

What Else can be Removed in the Process

In addition to low frequencies, the Galactic spirit team removes blockages, karma, dark entity attachments, tags, implants, and cords that connect to. It has been likened to a ‘chimney sweep’, creating a more clearer connection to your guides and source energy.

Blockages – We have meridians throughout our physical form that channel energy. Blockages (Energy can get blocked in the body for various reasons)  and various points in these energy channels can become blocked. These blockages can cause illness, pain, disease, and impairment physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Dark Entity Attachments – energies that attach to us and feed off low-frequency emotions such as sadness, anger, victimhood, and more. The session removes the attachment and heals the energy field.

Cords –  Energetic cords can connect us to past lives, malevolent beings.

What are the Benefits

  • Shifts frequencies below the 5th dimension. In other words, frequencies created by pride, anger, greed, fear, grief,apathy, guilt, shame, helplessness,hopelessness, worry, anxiety, regret, and depression.
  • Shifts blockages, tags, implants, cords and dark entity attachments.
  • Restores the soul back to a pure state, which allows you to start fresh and manifest the future you desire. This is the RESET into Soul Alignment.
  • Allows for quantum healing – the body and energy field begin healing on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • By removing low frequencies, your current frequency skyrockets. It is like removing cement blocks from around your ankles.
  • You will experience a stronger connection to your spirit guides and open up to the possibilities of other beings in different dimensions. When you raise your frequency and match theirs, you can easily communicate.
  • Holds you strongly accountable your higher Soul for more alignment in your Souls wishes for this lifetime for about 2-3 weeks.

My energy work is offered to accelerate growth and offer spiritual guidance and support during this incredible awakening period on earth. 

Book a SOUL CODE ALIGNMENT energy session with me. Available In person (Wellington, NZ) or Online.