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Kids Art classes & Holiday Workshops   

I offer a range of School Term ART classes and a few Holiday workshops (SCROLL DOWN) from my Art Studio in Paremata (Porirua, near Wellington), which is always full of relaxed fun, laughter, art and music. 

My motto is ‘everyone can be an artist’ and it’s ‘great to be different!’ I aim to instill a love of creating, bringing out confidence and expression in creative individuals. My art and art products decorate the walls of the studio, enriching and broadening minds, showing the possibility of artistic expression.

Creative expression and confidence…..

 Why I encourage art practice?

 The stillness, pride, confidence, focus, joy and mindfulness which is facilitated when kids are absorbed in an art project is extremely necessary in today’s fast paced, highly computer orientated way of life. By using art based projects I help kids to engage and develop skills which computer based learning cannot always address.

My art kids are encouraged to experiment and broaden their knowledge of art techniques and artists. They are also encouraged to experiment with their own type of creativity and to feel confident in creating more individual artworks which intern, brings out the individuals confidence in their own abilities. 

Teens and teenagers especially benefit from the relaxed atmosphere in which they are given a project and are able to interpret it in any way they  wish – allowing them creative expression rarely allowed from other types of structured art classes. They enjoy the music and fun, somewhat unstructured and relaxed atmosphere.

 “She even insisted on going out today and buying special pencils and a sketch book. She has been practicing! Bless you Michele Courage you are such an inspirational, fantastic teacher!” Xxx 

Kidz Art Classes – Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays

School Term art classes – Mondays and Wednesdays – 7 yrs and older ; Tuesdays (slightly more advanced) – 10yrs and older – See more details below for each day. 

Yes, you can join at anytime during the term at $30 per class. Please email me directly to enquire if there is a space available on a specific day.

I have a few spaces still available in my classes – send me an email    

Mon Class

Tues Class

Wed Class

2020 School Holiday Kidz Art Workshops

Dates and type of workshops will be announced via my newsletter and social media 2 weeks prior to the holiday period. 

Below are a few of the projects we do

What others say

“Thank you Michele Courage for being her art teacher and not only developing her skills but allowing her creativity to flourish. You are a very special lady and both Hannah and I feel totally blessed to have you in our community! With love and gratitude for all that you do xxxx” – Nicole

“She even insisted on going out today and buying special pencils and a sketch book. She has been practicing! Bless you Michele Courage you are such an inspirational, fantastic teacher!” Xxx

“My son has been attending Michele’s Monday after school classes for 2 terms now. These classes are awesome. Michele is an accomplished artist. Her passion and dedication to teaching art is obvious, and her studio is a happy industrious space. There is some structure to the classes. Michele starts each class by explaining a classical technique or artist’s style. The students then go to work to create a piece in that style. My boy just loves these classes. He comes home each Monday with a big smile and a sense of pride in the art he has created.” – Victoria

My son Nicholas has been attending Michele’s art class since she started it. He has been so happy going to his classes. Michele creates an environment where it’s about opening ones potential without competition. He has grown in confidence not just in the art he has created. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to give a kid an opportunity to freely create art and learn about different techniques. – Vicka

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