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Stay in our stunning luxury accomodation for up to 4 people at our Riverside Retreat in the Tukituki River Valley (Hawkes Bay, NZ)

• No art experience necessary •

• Package prices are all inclusive of 2 nights accomodation and art supplies •

• Prices are for 3-4 people staying at Riverstones

• River Rock Painting Package all inclusive @ NZ$700

 • Galactic Circle & Kakao Ceremony Package all inclusive @ NZ$700 

• Birdhouse Workshop all inclusive @ NZ$1111 

• Garden Totem Pole Workshop all inclusive – NZ$999

Abstract Art Package all inclusive – NZ$1111

DELUX GALACTIC Art Series Package NZ$950 per person (Min 2 people) Scroll below for more details

Contact me via email to arrange your exclusive tailor-made package – I can’t wait to create with you!


• Stunning accomodation available for 4 people • Riverside Retreat • Tukituki River Valley (Hawkes Bay, NZ)


You can choose from: Birdhouses, Garden Totem Poles, River Rock painting, Abstract Artwork, Galactic Soul Journey Circles which include Kakao ceremonies, and more …


Learn how to create a deeper understanding and connection into the GALACTIC realms in your art practice – no art experience neccessary


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GALACTIC Encoded Energy large artwork

A life changing gift for yourself. Spend one or two days with Galactic Vibrational Light Code artist and energy healer, Michele Courage at her riverside Riverstones Retreat

“I believe when artworks are created within a certain intended vibration they will act as portals into that energy and more.” – Michele

Treat yourself and create your very own portal

Combine exploration and activation of your galactic understanding using your artistic abilities whilst learning new techniques


Guaranteed Success!

  • Be guided through meditation and the art process to gain access to and create a portal into the Galactic energies.
  • Combine meditation, energy healing and art process. A combination of practical, wisdom sharing and guided journeys, for deepening your sacred painting practice. 
  • Find your own creative language and attunements that are totally unique to you. Learn new techniques and tune into amazing GALACTIC energy to unlock your unique energetic key codes for deep soul work whilst creating your very own SOUL ALIGNED PORTAL.
  •  Harness this energy for further soul expansion and upliftment 

Immerse yourself into a full day of Galactic expansion and leave with a fabulous tool for further soul expansion and upliftment where the energies you work with will help you transend into a higher evolutionary existence and timeline AND you will have a fabulous artwork portal to hang on your wall.

Click below to hear how artist Wendy Jasper loved her Galactic Art experience!


 Your choice of Pleiadian, Lemurian, Divine Feminine, Archangel Energies, Quan Yin, Arcturian, Lyran and more …

In these workshops I share the secrets and revelations of my own creative and spiritual discoveries. Through deep guided journeys, you will discover unique power symbols and codes you hold within, unlocking and activating more of who you are as an artist, a healer and a GALACTIC traveller. 

Anchoring and activating this process you traverse these inner realms on canvas. Ignite a creatively empowered new awakening and an array of new skills. Within these workshops and your artworks and the energetic portals created, you will activate into a more expansive energy that is wishing to be brought through for you in this lifetime. 

These galactic energies are ready, willing and wanting to work with you and for you, but they need to be accessed and activated within you and this is how I can help you with this process.

If you have got this far, you are probably thinking, can I not do a painting with my OWN colour choices – YOU MOST CERTAINLY CAN – However, I know which colours carry the frequency necessary from that specific Galactic energy you want to tap into, for optimal activation and I always suggest these.

What’s included and how to make a booking

All paints and art materials are supplied

Standard supplied canvas – size  800 x 800mm (30inch x 30inch) – Larger canvas on request (costs may apply)

No painting experience required – learn new techniques – work with different mediums

 Ceremonial Kakao 

Guided Meditations

Special Quartz Crystals available to programme

Your choice of a Galactic Aura Spray / Roll On / Candle

Light Snacks, Tea, coffee and cake supplied

Morning Session 10am to 1pm + Afternoon session  2pm – 4.30pm

Enquire about accomodation available in our Riverstones Retreat  (Package prices)



FULL DAY Workshop – NZ $555 per person  – (minimum 2 participants; special package price available when accomodation is booked at the same time)

Terms & Conditions

Minimum of 2 • Payment plans available • Discounts for repeat bookings

Please give me a call or email me if  you would like to organise a group workshop to do this life changing experience with friends.

Watch some videos of what to expect and how it happens

Pleiadian ART Series



Lemurian Workshop Art

Here’s what I want you to know about my Retreats….

When you spend a weekend with me it’s about RAISING YOUR VIBRATION. To immerse yourself into your authenticity, is true joy!

It’s all about you expressing yourself in this world, feeling and learning to be relaxed about what you are creating and who you are. It’s often more about enjoying the process of creating and of just BEing and tapping into your true highest vibration!

Step into your very own special brand of YOU and then love the whole of you, the creative you – the gorgeous soul who was brave enough to express yourself out into the world. That’s my gift to you – to give you the ‘COURAGE’ to love yourself and what you create and to enjoy the process of expressing yourself without judgement. This is my calling and I feel blessed and honoured to facilitate this beautiful shift for you. 

During our time together, we will laugh, express our hidden talent and reconnect with our creative side. I enjoy using guided meditations to enhance your experience. I do not object to your full ‘whoohoo’ side being revealed – in fact I encourage it. I want you to reconnect with your true authentic self, that part of you who needs to be let out again. That bohemian creative who wants to be set free. We focus on letting go of our inner critic and enjoying playful exploration.

Within the art retreats and workshops I will share tips and techniques on creating vibrant, expressive, colourful paintings, using acrylics, charcoal, stencils, collage, ink and pastels. I help guide you into your own personal creative flow and introduce you to a variety of tools and techniques. 

As I grow and expand in my own creative practice I am always excited to share new discoveries and passions with you!

What others say

Had a fantastic time today deep diving in to meditation with Archangel Metatron and his dragon, before bringing the energy through in to a painting. Beautifully guided step by step by Michele Courage.

Omg I put my painting on the wall.. it feels so light!! Like it’s a white light portal!” – Wendy

“A truly enlightening day and as a ‘Newby’ in this new journey, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I feel a special connection to my final art work – that It connects me to another world. I have more to explore and Michele has certainly set the path to a new discovery on my inner-self and my life journey. I’m very excited at what lies ahead. – Jo

“I just had the best day, you are a super star and I feel totally honored to be taught so much more than art from you. I had loads of stuff happen last night while I was in bed that i can’t explain.  Like a computer in my head downloading a shit ton of stuff!!! You are amazing and should be proud.  Love you for all you give, your energy and inspiration to help others rise.  Bless you honey ❤ xx” – Nicole

Thank you again for a glorious opportunity yesterday. I slept well last night and feel full of grace as I go about my day today.” – Marie

“I was so excited to do this beautiful galactic artwork yesterday. It is truely magnificent Michele. The depth, vibrational energy and enlightenment that was felt is truly magnificent. You have certainly moved me into a different realm. The world is ready” – Heather

Thank You for the most magical day Michele! So much fun working with you to create my own soul map via the the expression of of colour, portals and things that I can not explain. My artwork hangs in my meditation room and I use it every day to connect with the energies. – thank you for helping me to create such a powerful tool” – Margaret

“I attended Michele’s Pleiadian Galactic Art workshop and just loved it! We spent the day basking in galactic energies and allowing them to take shape on the canvas, with some meditation, discussion, and delectable veggie lasagna though the day too. I have my painting hung where I see it every day and it’s like a portal in the house. I’m thrilled that I made this investment in myself, for something beautiful that came through just for me, which I’ll have always. Thanks Michele  – Heather H

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