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Galactic Art Series

Join me for a life changing Art Workshop

2020 Dates: DIVINE FEMININE Workshop 7th June 2020, LEMURIAN Workshop 2nd August 2020, PLEIADIAN Workshop – 27th September

Create your very own LARGE artwork in an intimate workshop with Galactic Artist Michele Courage. Through meditation and channeling you will gain access to and create a portal into the Galactic energies. Held in her Paremata Art Studio in Wellington, you will be immersing yourself into a full day of Galactic Expansion and leave with a fabulous tool for further soul expansion and upliftment where the energies you work with will help you to transend you into a higher evolutionary existence.

Using this energy is a fabulous tool for further soul expansion and upliftment if you want to take the next step on your spiritual journey and move into a constant 5D energy.

Are you curious about Galactic energies ?

Are you keen to use the combination of Art and Guided meditation to help you release and birth a 5D consciousness?

Are you open to accessing galactic energies using guided mediations and art practice?

Would you love to have a large art piece you have created which acts like an Energetic Portal for you?

Do you identify with a Galactic lifetime?


 Pleiadian – Lemurian – Divine Feminine – Arcturian – Sirian

 These artworks and energetic portals will activate your memories of old lifetimes that are wishing to be brought through for you in this lifetime. These galactic energies are ready, willing and wanting to work with you and for you but they need to be accessed and activated within you. I help you with this process in these GALACTIC ART Workshops.

What’s included

All paints and art material supplied

Canvas size  800 x 800mm (30inch x 30inch)

Kakao Ceremony


Lunch supplied

Max 3 persons per workshop

Your choice of a Galactic Crown Chakra Spray or Roll On

Lunch, Tea, coffee and cake supplied

Private workshops held for a Minimum of 2 people or Personal Workshops for one

Whats your investment

Group Workshops – NZ $444 per person (min 2 people)

Personal Workshop – NZ $650 

I am happy to answer any questions please give me a call if you think you want to join me on one of my group workshops

Next Workshop coming up in my Wellington Art Studio –  EVENTS 

or you would like to organise a group workshop for yourself, for this life changing experience.   

What to expect and how it happens

Pleiadian ART Series



SYRIAN Workshop Art

What others say

Thank you again for a glorious opportunity yesterday. I slept well last night and feel full of grace as I go about my day today.” – Marie

“I was so excited to do this beautiful galactic artwork yesterday. It is truely magnificent Michele. The depth, vibrational energy and enlightenment that was felt is truly magnificent. You have certainly moved me into a different realm. The world is ready” – Heather

A truly enlightening day and as a ‘Newby’ in this new journey, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I feel a special connection to my final art work – that It connects me to another world. I have more to explore and Michele has certainly set the path to a new discovery on my inner-self and my life journey. I’m very excited at what lies ahead.” – Jo

Thank You for the most magical day Michele! So much fun working with you to create my own soul map via the the expression of of colour, portals and things that I can not explain. My artwork hangs in my meditation room and I use it every day to connect with the energies. – thank you for helping me to create such a powerful tool” – Margaret

“I highly recommend Michele’s Galactic oils ✨ I have the Pleiadian blend and use it every day above my head and underneath my feet, and I find that it helps me to ground to this plane and connect to the earth and to people with more ease. For somebody who finds it pretty tricky to human (if ‘human’ were a verb!) this oil has been very helpful. The Love and Light blend is also lovely, very fresh and sparkly! – Courtney

“I attended Michele’s Pleiadian Galactic Art workshop and just loved it! We spent the day basking in galactic energies and allowing them to take shape on the canvas, with some meditation, discussion, and delectable veggie lasagna though the day too. I have my painting hung where I see it every day and it’s like a portal in the house. I’m thrilled that I made this investment in myself, for something beautiful that came through just for me, which I’ll have always. Thanks Michele  – Heather H

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