Liquid Acrylic on canvas 760mm x 760mm

This is part of a series I have done about the interrelation of Universal forces and feelings. It is a learning tool for your SOUL – the colours and vibration emitted from this painting brings a daily reminder to your soul from deeper realms. Each one of the series will help you to access another part of your “history” within the realms of the outer world. Bringing understanding and a more open Soul to your existing lifetime on this earth. The love emitted from these Soul Artworks is how they heal using colour and vibration as their medium – Created using SOURCE Energy.



Landscape Vision – Part of a SERIES, follows my theme at present of the idea that the energy of the universe influences all our thought patterns and that these ideas in our world are actually the essence of who we are and if we tap into that knowledge, we tap into an inner knowing and sense of what we want to achieve in this lifetime. This artwork is depicts the way beautiful energies surround the earth and how they move and flow as we look through them into the beautiful peace of nature. All my work carries a higher vibration and the intention set that the sentiments when created have been transferred to the product. Colours all have healing properties and each one of my Soul Artworks have been created with this in mind.

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Dimensions 76 × 76 cm


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