SOUL JOURNEY into Lemurian Consciousness


Galactic Meditations, Attunements and messages with Michele

YOUR CHANCE TO ACTIVATE and FINE TUNE into LEMURIAN CONSCIOUSNESS energies! In this recording I explain about Lemuria and then the meditation follows. (Approx 60min)

Connect in with the wonderful Lemurian Consciousness – this energy helps you to:

  • Connection into Christ consciousness energy
  • Connection intoMother Earth
  • Go with the flow
  • Activates Mother Mary energy
  • Activates Lemurian Dragon energy
  • Activates Dolphin energy
  • Activates Whale energy
  • Activates Hawaiin energy
  • Activates third eye opening into Lemurian memories
  • Helps you to better move flowingly and in a unity consciousness
  • Raises your vibration

Please note that this is an audio file sent to you via email

Please be aware that the link can take up to 24hrs to be sent to you via your email address you provide

Please be aware of protection when doing meditation work.

Please note that if you would like to share this with others I ask that you reciprocate an energy exchange.

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Michele Courage is an Energetic Activator working with SOURCE ENERGY - In these sessions we do meditations, discussions on spiritual occurances in our lives, answer questions, discuss how to raise your own vibration, dragon cards etc.

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