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Love & Light Soulvibe Top by Vibration Healing artist Michele Courage – Adding artistic flair and positive energy to your daily life.  

Vibration artist Michele Courage uses her original channelled healing artworks for her clothing range. Michele has purposely chosen soft and flowy materials to surround you with the uplifting energy. 

  • Size: 140cm x 140cm
  • Soft and flowy material
  • FREE POSTAGE within New Zealand.

“I love mine, it not only looks great but you absorb and give out the energy vibration through the colour and pattern of her designs – you can’t help but feel super amazing and smile while wearing them and I enjoy seeing people’s faces light up around me too!” says Lisa



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Created using Galactic Vibration Artist Michele’s energy infused artworks, Michele’s clothing carries an energetic vibration. Worn in different ways, Soulvibe Scarves are created and infused with passion and positive energy.

Captured from the channelled LOVE & LIGHT artwork – Wear it and you will feel: Lighter, Supported, Optimistic, a brighter outlook, an inner Joy, Acceptance of others, an inner glow shining outwards. Add artistic flair and positive energy to your daily life.

  • Perfect for meditating
  • Gorgeous to throw over a client in a Healing session
  • Created to flatter every shape of woman and can be worn three different ways
  • Perfect to ‘lift’ your existing outfit
  • Created and infused with passion and positive energy
  • Great with casual top and jeans
  • Great to jazz up your yoga outfit for a coffee afterwards
  • Sensual pared with all black for evening wear
  • Wear it many different ways as a scarf
  • Great for new moms when breastfeeding in a public place
  • Brilliant when traveling – it’s light and crease free
  • Easily washable in cold water
  • FREE POSTAGE within New Zealand
  • Worldwide postage (Please contact us directly)

FREE POSTAGE within New Zealand and worldwide.

“When I wear it, I actually feel the Healing Vibrations surrounding and uplifting me!” – Sharee.


  1. Michele Courage

    “Hello lovely. I just wanted to say thank you again for dropping off my top yesterday. And I just loved the way you packaged it all up! Very lovely. The bookmark and bath salts are a lovely touch and I love your brochure cards! Very well done. I look forward to modelling your artwork when I next get the chance!” – Melissa

  2. Mel

    I love it so much! Feels so nice, both physically and spiritually. ?

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