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Meditations for the Soul

Guided Galactic Meditations 

by Vibration Artist & Energy Intuitive Michele Courage

Access PURE energy using Galactic assistance – activate, attune and immerse yourself in the incredible healing energies available to us as we continuously upgrade our frequencies. Raise your vibration with each and every activation and feel the difference in your life by observing your reactions to everyday challenges and see them become easier to navigate with a higher consciousness. 

  • Use these guided ACTIVATION meditations to access the higher realms
  • Use these meditations to CLEAR STUCK ENERGY
  • Access and tap into amazing clearing energy
  • Activate and tune into the Dragon Energy
  • Raise your vibration
  • Use these meditations to align with your higher soul’s wishes for this lifetime
  • Soul Alignment – Get into the ‘flow’ 

Please be aware there is a 40% Discount CODE after your first purchase of any Dragon meditation 

(not applicable to the Bundle offers)

Private sessions available – where I offer a more tailored approach and guided meditations


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Expansion for the Soul

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