Divine Feminine SOUL JOURNEY into White Buffalo Calf Woman


Galactic Meditations, Attunements and messages with Michele

YOUR CHANCE TO ACTIVATE and FINE TUNE into White Buffalo Calf Woman energies! In this recording I explain why and how we can attune and activate into this energy.

To help us heal the restlessness that is deep within us. She helps us to connect with Mother Earth and Father Sky to allow us to come into our balance with our personal harmony. She showers us with her magnificent light of Mother, Father, God of Gold & Silver threads of light entering our consciousness and into our hearts.  She is bringing forth practices of harmlessness towards all animals and to connect to the consciousness telepathically to them all. She also brings the white sage to help us clear away negative dross that no longer serves us.

Invoke White Buffalo Calf Woman to teach you to revere Spirit through the honoring of Mother Earth. BeautifulWhite Buffalo Calf Woman brings you blessings of the sacred ame of Spirit. Call to Her to instruct you in theways of Sacred Tradition, in helping you to hold the high frequency of unwavering and absolute reverence for the Sacred. White Buffalo Calf Woman will show you how to let your passionate prayers and ritual ascend inblessing to honor your world and all of your relations. Let Her ignite your ery essence and let your Spirit shine!

The activation is a matter of the heart and requires a conscious decision from you

Please note that this is an audio file sent to you via email included are PDF files with more info and pics

Please be aware that the link can take up to 24hrs to be sent to you via your email address you provide

Please be aware of protection when doing meditation work.

Please note that if you would like to share this with others I ask that you reciprocate an energy exchange.

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