Pleiadian Meditation


Pleiadian Assisted Activation with Michele Courage

Access PURE SOURCE energy using Galactic assistance to improve your:

  • Soul Aligned decisions
  • Life ‘flow’
  • Access to Galactic vibrations
  • Calmness, to be more present, security, sense of belonging, feel lighter, access a peaceful energy
  • Life path
  • Ability to disconnect from drama
  • Connect into the realms and bring in a high vibration energy

Best used in conjunction with the Pleiadian Stardust Artwork . This ACTIVATION Meditation will be sent to you via an email to access on a private Youtube link or you can book a private online or in person session with Michele 


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Galactic Meditations by Galactic Artist and Wayshower Michele Courage

Michele Courage is an Energetic Activator working with SOURCE ENERGY - In her sessions you can do art practice (create portals for access) meditations, discussions on spiritual occurances in our lives, answer questions, discuss how to raise your own vibration, dragon cards etc.


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